Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Just make sure and avoid Cyanoacrylate forumulations but I’ll check with the team for the best material.


Awesome thanks. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


How long can we wait before returning a HMD before you say sorry you have waited to long ?


Hi, As for the root cause, please refer to @PimaxUSA’ answers. At the same time,any casing issue you met please open a sup ticket, our after-sale team will try to find a solution for you ASAP.


I’m curious, but had anyone tried retrobrighting the housing? Seems like the plastic is just frail? Retrobright might strengthen the plastic.


Without knowing composition may introduce other issues.

With being a propietary blend; more interesting would be how long they have been testing for longevity of the material.


I got my headset (5k+) at the start of the month, backer 50xx. All was good until a few days ago when I noticed tiny fractures to the corners of the casing. Do I have to send it in? I live in Norway so that would take a long time:(
Heard a guy got offered 100usd voucher to accept the faulty casing. Any news on that with regards to furter problems and warranty etc?



Guys looks like I joined your club as well. Have 1 big, 2 small cracks and holes at 3 corners. It has been only 2 weeks, and I was only checking Pimax with 3dof like simulation games. Never dropped, as reported by others I took Pimax everytime I used it with gentle. So what do we do?








So it seems to be the left side for most people? The side not reinforced with the IPD dial and switches. The left side does have more flex for me.

I am in Norway also, it is logged on my ticket for a new cable that cracks had also appeared.

@PimaxUSA I saw here that a European service centre will be sorted out by next month. Would it be better to wait for that to deal with a return from there to speed things up with a replacement. The cracks are not getting too in my way of using it, but I will want to replaced eventually.


they need us to give us the upcoming RE Pimax HMD cases…that will fix our problems


I knew the moment Kevin mentioned the new “rugged” (I think thats the word he used) version, users with a cracked headset will start demanding it for the replacement.


i have to return my headset because of light bleed and faulty cable. now i am afraid that i will receive the new headset and weeks later or months will have cracks or again light bleed. this cant hapen pimax. backers need more love you cant give the headsets with so much problems. you have to change this.


At least he didn’t call the RE crack resistant.


If a backer had cracks on their HMD like the one’s seen here in this thread, what would you guestimate would be the turnaound time on an RMA return to the new US service center? As much as I hate to ask that question considering I just got this thing, it is reassuring that Pimax is offering support.

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I am afraid if I ship it back, and months later receive a new one with the same problem happening in another two weeks.

I just filled a SUPEN to Pimax Support. I just hope they change it with the new mentioned rigid models. I can wait till a stronger casing becomes available.


yes, my concern as well, or worse yet getting one with dead pixels or some new issue.

The RE or ridgid model will retail for $500 over the price of a regular 5K+ so I doubt they would do a straight swap.


The announced RE model should already be what the consumer model should have been. Mine so far works ok, but I worry what’s gonna happen to this casing in 3 months? This really is a big issue.


It was anomalies in the cooling and deburring process. You shouldn’t assume all housings are vulnerable to that - the vast majority of them aren’t. The small number that do develop that issue we will help via warranty or later on via a repair service.