Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Hello @Dallas.Hao pls reopen the poll which where suddenly closed by @PimaxUSA

There is no reason to close this, with such actions you make Pimax team look like it does not care…



I’m asking around me for production dates and cracks, another person received a 8K produced the 4th week of 2019 and he doesn’t have cracks after inspecting the HMD.


So given @Heliosurge 's indirect suggestion, I have created a support ticket to give pimax more reliable numbers regarding the small crack that has developed in my 8k.


I’ll do that too in the next days


Well it’s the truth of any company will base it’s info on defects on consumers reports. They won’t give numbers based on potential cases.


Just to add to the data being collected, around mid April I received a replacement 5K+ built the 47th week of 2018 an it has a chip broken off in the bottom front housing. I’m holding off on creating a ticket for this until it’s clear that there is a solution. Getting the case replaced only to have it break again is not a great proposition.


Especially since at the moment they will only replace it with the exact same housing with the exact same manufacturing processes and materials.

@Dallas.Hao We simply ask for a bit of transparency in regard to this issue. What are your findings, what are the potential causes and so on. Keeping us in the dark exacerbates your backers anxiety.


From further up in the thread PimaxUSA has said this about the cause:


My top strap bracket has cracked 1 of my side strap clips have broke and the front case has 2 cracks,apart from that i love it


Having a strap bracket or side clip break must be terrible. Hope you can have it fixed soon.


Jeez, I literally saw the front housing have a little chip break off from just being moved. I was laying down on my butt on the floor with the HMD which I had placed gently down next to me. I go to pick it up and notice a little black piece of something. It took a second to register what it was, but in a sad way it was almost funny - kind of like it was disintegrating in my hands. Two chips now.

@PimaxUSA I really hope Pimax lives up to the promise you voiced at the Toronto meetup wrt this kind of issue. I’m not sure what a good solution can be if the replacement front housing design hasn’t changed. Without Pimax being transparent about the weeks when production quality was possibly affected, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that it wasn’t only a short run that was affected.

BTW, I want to make it clear that even now (after having a replacement develop this problem), I’m not blaming Pimax and can understand that this kind of problem can happen in early production. I would like to see you succeed. If you can put forth a convincing effort and come up an effective solution quickly I’m sure even less understanding people will be able to come out with positive sentiments towards Pimax.

BTW2, my replacement was to correct three problems - one with the lens having a scuff/scratch on the inside, the flickering dots, and the intermittent blackouts (the last two being caused by a bad cable, supposedly). Before the replacement was shipped, I asked Charry Weng (I believe it was him I was communicating with) if the replacement that was to be sent had been tested so that there wouldn’t be new problems since other people had reported having them with replacements. He said he assumed it would’ve been tested in China, before being sent out.

Well, the replacement unit still has the flicker/random short blackout and at this point I’m hoping to get a replacement cable. The headache and costs associated with this could have easily been avoided with more thorough QA’ing.


Id go for a slightly thicker/heavier transparent front housing, shouldnt that solve the issue of needing to have a specialty plastic blend that lets through the IR lasers?


Not what asampal meant by transaparent in this case (not putting words in his/her mouth though), but to your point, clear plastic introduces a different issue altogether with refraction. Meaning that the IR won’t be captured correctly due to refraction bouncing off the infrared into sensors which may be read as multiple hits depending on the thickness and shape. which is why HTC and Pimax always dark matte plastic to cover the sensors. It is the thickness of said plastic that is at play here.


Only where the sensors are placed need be thin.


Pimax cracks… Every batch cracks! Sooner or later, it will have cracks, holes, and eventually will fail.

This issue is being reported everywhere… Repeating: It is everywhere… Here, Reddit, Facebook, youtube! Everyone knows it! It is 2019!

Accept it! Solve it!

This is a burden Pimax should face with…if they really want to succeed in VR!


Remember to vote. :v::wink::beers:


How can we get this vote tp be repopened again? I feel like in the GDR times (german history) were I have to fear consequences if I say anything and get sanctioned …


On the survey I posted on FB a few days ago the vote is as follows:

Currently no cracks 53 (Kevin Henderson also voted lol)

More than 1 crack 7

Only 1 crack 5


If Pimax used thin plastic all over to avoid the dimple look of the Vive
Then the answer is simple.
Put the dimples on the inside.

The outside will still look flat.
Most of the housing can be of thicker plastic, which would hopefully prevent these cracks
And you’ll still have thin plastic where needed for each of the sensors.
And with the dimples on the inside, no one would notice them unless you shine a bright light on the headset.


Don’t trust surveys… They can be deceptive, and probably full of trolls! It is simple: Pimax shell cracks… and no solutions as of now! Still omitting it!