Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



The thin plastic is front housing & could have been on the backside with recesses for sensors maintsoning sleek look. Look at index.


Voting with a decent pool can be reliable. It has been confirmed pimax does not have complete data as some have reported having cracks but haven’t filed a support ticket due to lead time to replace & concern of receiving a headset with faults.

On the plus side. PimaxUSA is right in terms of pimax supporting replacing defects of this nature. But should be more transparent with graphs.


Why should we trust you as consumers? Pls tell us Heliosurge and PimaxUSA!


Well I am a consumer not a pimax employee. A vote of a 1000 pimax owners is a good size pool and less deniable by either side. Fear of a vote suggests concern over results. Low number out of a 1000 verifies Pimax position cracks are low in numbers. High numbers equally double digit % shows estimates based on Support tickets is not accurate.

But while a hassle if pimax supports fixing hesdsets as they have. This is positive though a high cost on pimax.


my HMD has also cracked.
realize pimax where the cracks come from?
has pimax replacement housing not tear?
thank you @Dallas.Hao


So my Pimax 5K+ also is cracked from sitting in my shelf :frowning:
See also my post with pictures: Pimax 5K+ received (Backer 66xx), really disappointed5
Please Pimax I want a replacement HMD @Dallas.Hao
Opened SUPEN-4402


Thinking of doing the same thing, but doesn’t that mean we have to send the HMD to Pimax? Will they reimburse the shipping cost? Shipping to outside of Indonesia is ridiculously expensive. Which is why I haven’t bothered opening a ticket.


They have asked previous folks to try & find I think was $50 US ship methode.


PimaxUSA closing down the poll said more than words ever could.
‘I have the figures and it’s less than 1% / 5% depending on day’
Backers: this doesn’t seem right. It seems every 2nd hmd is cracked and more everyday.
It’s 1%/5%.
I have figures people. Figures.
Backers: okay let’s gather figures.
NO! You can’t see figures. 1%/5%. Nothing to see here. Closed down.
Transparency and truth isn’t scared of scrutiny.


Well truth Be known. I think it’s both Higher than pimax believes (based on support tickets) & lower than community believes.

Both sides have as PimaxUSA said anecdotal data. We don’t have the numbers pimax is basing their beleif on. And pimax doesn’t have complete data based on users whom said they have cracks but have not filed a ticket.

Only a vote on neutral ground with a sizable pool (ie 1000 votes) would give a clearer picture. Closing the topic doesn’t prevent this data being pooled but does perhaps give the apoearance of not wanting clarity. As it will either support & validate either sides beleif.

It is true a real measure is how well they handle replacing defects. But not so good to be one whom has to experience the process due to not receiving First time quality.

I can understand being concerned with having this reality known as it could affect sales no matter which side the results favor.


I’m in that group. The (single) crack is currently small and everything else about the headset is fine (no dead pixels, etc.). At this point, I don’t want to swap it out. As we get closer to the 1 year mark (when the warrantee expires), I’ll reconsider filing a support ticket.


From Indonesia to Shang Hai? No, estimated cost is higher than that…


Same here as it’s only minor.

Produced in week 2, 2019.


Let the crack porn continue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(never dropped it)


@PimaxUSA Can you please help me get a replacement headset sent due to cracks and chips that developed while gripping the headset normally to put on/adjust.


I haven’t been able to use my headset hardly at all (2800’s backer) due to “Not Tracked” issues, and now this. Really disappointing.


Damn… That’s horrible… :astonished:


It almost looks like your Pimax is going for a self-destruct. Do you love it enough?


Das sieht krass aus…so viel Geld für so einen Plastikschrott…Ich bin so entäuscht von Pimax…so viel Zeit die man schon in diesem Forum verbracht hat…


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the vertical crack on the front starting at the module screw is identical to mine, on both side. pimax said they had not seen such a crack before so it must have been my fault.


the thing thats so annoying is that pimax do have a really good product, since the last pitool update allowing brightness / contrast adjustment i have elite looking far better than i thought an LCD could look. very very happy with the FOV / picture quality.

if only they can just sort this one issue…