Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Strange the system didn’t flag this message for me. We have a new shipment on the way with replacement headsets and some housings for testing. I will have the team flag 4374 and contact you when the new units arrive. We will then generate a label for you and email it for the exchange.


When have we said that? We specifically stated that 2 batches had an issue and had determined the cause.

But I will say that of the 7 devices sent to the US office where cracks are included as one of the reasons on the ticket only 2 of them actually have housing issues and 5 were 100% perfect. Out of 231 devices inspected so far only 5 had imperfections in the housing. Hundreds of posts on the topic have people sending back devices because they think they are “vulnerable” to cracks.


What about us in the UK, I would like to RMA my 5k+ but I am waiting on the fact that it has a permanent fix.


We are indeed working on a EU regional office but it’s not ready yet. Until then you will have to create a ticket and RMA the device to Shanghai.

On housing fixes only 1 known housing that didn’t come from those two batches with issues has been examined with a housing defect (and even that it was found not due to the housing, it was assembly related). So no “fixes” etc. as it’s an issue that hasn’t occurred outside of the initial housing batches. Keep in mind that housings and electrical assemblies are not built on a 1:1 basis so when you received a device does not necessarily determine if one of those original housings are part of it.


So how can Pimax determine then that a housing came from a specific batch when all that has changed is the cooling and deburring process?


Then I think I will wait for the EU regional office to open before I RMA. just remember to add 1 to your statistics.
“it was assembly related)”
Well I hope you would have fixed this by now, but you then say “So no fixes etc.”
I will wait to make sure I am out side the batches with this issues before I RMA.
I was also hopping that we could also have more adjustment with the IPD dial, but you seam to have swept this under the carpet.
I Think I will wait, anyway thanks for your time.


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Because it’s ridiculously, laughably inaccurate. I detailed the reasons in the last post in topic. Even devices returned for housing issues often don’t have any. Does this mean the issue does not exist or is minimal, no of course not. But the cause is completely known and all the surrounding facts are also completely known.

Warranty covers this so end of story.


There are hundreds of people with housing cracks, saying it’s laughable and preventing people from sharing their experiences by closing threads will not solve the issue.
Some people who sent in their devices because of cracks received new devices with cracks as well. This leads me to believe that Pimax is not aware of the issue with the housing or decided to ignore it.

Which production weeks are affected by the bad housing batches? If we know this, we can easily determine if the problem is indeed fixed or not.


The problem is that the housings were not serial numbered and included in the assembly. When initial reports of this came in last year their reaction was to add extra tests. About 220 went out before the extra tests and about 500 from those two batches passed all the tests but those weren’t used all at once. About 720 have the *potential for an issue like that.


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Poll is still open. Just the topic closed. Truth neither side has complete picture. Pimax only has what is reported (we don’t have these numbers… It’s classified :smirk: ) And at no fault of their own they can’t have info on unreported cracks(there not psychic :persevere:.

Best for those with cracks to all send support tickets. & participate in independent polls governed by neutral enviroments.


Not even PimaxUSA will havre the full picture. Pimax China on the other hand will.


So far I have seen early housing with a ripple effect on the front, I was hoping that this was the bad batch, but My HMD is one with out the bad ripple and mine is cracking.


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Links are wondefull things. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


first headset received in February developed cracks after 2 weeks.
Replacement arrived in march and developed cracks after a month.
I guess headphone jack broke on both due to same problem.

Pimax could certainly track the headsets made with defective housing and stop sending them to backers…


So why was this flagged and hidden ?


Probably better to move the poll out of the forum to prevent tampering. At last count 175 votes if folks would move to Facebook might be a good idea as freedom of speech exists there. A reddit or discord could be good as FB is blocked in some countries.


Well that is just stupid, better to keep this kind of talk in the forum than make people go to other medium out side the forum to express there a pinion.