Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



I would agree but with the strong arm tactics against it. What choice is there but to take it to neutral territory?


Yeah the plastic is brittle and thin and the design doesn’t help it fact



Do you realize many (most?) people like me have cracked housing and don’t even open a ticket because:

1°) You now ask to send the faulty HMD first and I don’t want to stay weeks without my HMD (I would agree to pay a refundable surety to be able to send my faulty HMD AFTER receiving a replacement. Why don’t you offer that ?)

2°) I wanted to spend more time discovering other possible issues with my HMD to avoid going through multiple replacements (and I HAVE indeed found other issues after I have discovered the cracks, so this decision to not ask for RMA right after discovering the cracks saved weeks without HMD for me, but also money for Pimax who will not have to do multiple repairs/replacements for my HMD)

And to all the above who have noticed cracks but haven’t even told you, add all those who have cracks but haven’t noticed (yet).


I can appreciate folks wanting to hold off til support is in a better position to resolve issue & turnaround time. Especially if outside North America.

But folks should at least file Ticket with pics & tell support “wish to wait til support can manage resolution in a quick & efficient manner.” It’s not easy to find a reliable shipper that is reliable with tracking for $50 US.

But they do need these reports to be able to account how big or small this issue is. Since neither pimax or community has complete data on the subject. With nice pictures posted in the forum there can be no doubts on “vulnerable” vs “actually cracked”. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


You know, so many people don’t even know about the issue and don’t even come at Pimax forum anymore now they have received their HMD.

When I ask in a Pimax thread in a forum of my own country, several Pimax owners discovered they had cracked HMD after I asked everyone to check their housing and report to me.

And people won’t tell themselves, “ok I’m going to open a ticket but without asking for a replacement, just to let Pimax know I have this issue”. Who will react like that ? 1 people out of 100 maybe.

Even when suggested to do so many will still not do it. I for example still haven’t opened a ticket for this, for the reasons I have explained above (many other issues with my HMD I’m unsure about the real cause and if Pimax can even deal with them).

The problem with Pimax is they are have left their own forum… They don’t monitor it and we just see Kevin popping up from time to time to extinguish fire starts, and dallas trying to unlock some unanswered tickets (where has gone this guy who started responding to all issues here, at some point he just stopped intervening in this forum).

This topic with many pictures + the poll with a lot of people revealing their cracks should be enough to make Pimax aware this issue exist with their housing and is not limited to a very few HMDs here and there.

Expecting everyone with cracks, let even a few % of them, will open a ticket “just to make Pimax aware about the scale of this issue” is unfortunately unrealistic, this will never happen. But I think there are already enough known cases declared here on the forum to not overlook this issue.


I don’t disagree. But the key problem is a stalemate as both sides believe they have sufficient data. PimaxUSA doesn’t want polls & Pimax doesn’t want to alarm headset owners by asking them via Email if they could examine their headset & report length of ownership & whether they have discovered cracks.

Suggesting fear of results even if in the end it validates pimax’s belief the issue is small. Which seems odd to me. But maybe they have more accurate estimates on this issue than revealed.

Lower than we think but higher than prefered vs acceptable margins. Prefering to take care of issue more quietly while investigating for a fix.

And your right instead of Pimax’s presence in the forum we just have mainly PimaxUSA jumping in at different times. With @Dallas.Hao trying to help resolve some tickets.

@Matthew.Xu hasn’t been seen in sometime.

@mozi has vanished for sometime and now were introduced to @DerekVVV (introduced himself).

Last official update said for the 3rd or 4th time all backers headsets save 300 have all been shipped & we have folks joining and asking why they haven’t rec’d email on tracking after completing requested info multiple times.


Problem is that Pimax will say send it back now, even though you say you would wait.


Pimax never told me to send headset “now”.
Exact worlds are :

  • “if you can not continue to use the headset please return it to us”

Not sure when i will send mine, might be better to wait until we are sure they are sending headset with stronger housing.
Atm using wireless headphones and cracks does not bother me.


If the intent of a poll would be to give Pimax feedback, Pimax could offer such a poll restricted to backers with hidden results.
Pin it in the feedback category, disabling comments would be optional.


It would need Backers & Pre Orders. But we have at least 1 pimax employee resistant to the idea of collecting Data.


Unfortunately we have no way to distinguish pre order forum members from others, so it would be either backers or bust.
I’d say offering a poll to backers to give the company feedback would beat having multiple posts about cracked housings spread across the board.


Not really they could do an email survey. Even Backers are not all been added to Earlybackers group.


Sorry, have to join this thread too…
This weekend, I just had some time to spend in VR , and found these cracks. HMD was stored in its box, no earthquake, drop or shock :

… Yet there it is. Catching up, what should I do?


Well I would reccommend filing a ticket at least so pimax can at least have numbers add up.

Depending on comfort level pimax might be willing to ship the front housing peice for a diy.

With being in EU though would reccommend if not affecting use to give them time (if sending in to be fixed) to get EU office setup.

Be interesting to have the number of potential numbers in Total of the “2 batches” of front housings that could be suspect. As I am sure were on several batches later by now.


It wasn’t very intuitive to go through the support, yet i managed to open SUPEN-4476.

As of writing, receiving standard confirmation mail : “we’re on it”.
Standard, yet nice nonetheless to know for sure.

Edit : thanks @Heliosurge for your guidance !



5 cracks on my Pimax 5k+ [Kickstarter one]
Made a ticket [SUPEN-4485]

Another long time of waiting started…
Like what I did for DP cable for 3months before. :frowning:

Jesus christ… my first picture is not front housing crack…
It’s on HMD body part… OH NO…


Ouch. I hope you get your replacement quickly and that it’s problem-free. I have 1 smallish crack, which I’m watching closely. If it grows bigger, I’ll probably contact support.


I’m another there. Pimax already has pictures, I uploaded them on my bad cable issue so I had a dated record of when they started.
Shipping out of SH has been completely unreliable and service times terrible. I have 2 cracks slowly growing on the left hand side but I am waiting for an EU office so I have half a chance of seing my device back quickly. I’ll also get much stronger consumer protection if a EU office takes ownership of my case.


Same here. Sent pictures to Dallas.

I’m also waiting on the EU office for the same reasons as You plus it’s only a small crack in one corner for now.


Also opened a case and please folks open also cases maybe that makes Pimax aware of the situation! @Dallas.Hao