Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Done… :+1::wink:



when will be the Europe office open?? I have a beginning bad crack too


cracks in the housing… @Dallas.Hao


Cracks and snowing. SUPEN-4502


Which headset? Backer or pre order?


Anyone even not considering sending their cracked Pimaxs, pls open a SUPEN ticket and inform all of us here. This issue is important and still being omitted by Pimax. We need to inform more people about this.


SUPEN 4509.

I really don’t want to deal with pimax. I told them I don’t want to rma. I bet this will go just fupen supen.


If your comfortable with diy (front housing crack) ask them to send front panel; they seem open to idea. One fellow even bought a 4k panel(from pimax) after he broke one.


I opened a ticket back in February and am cleared for an RMA, just still not confident enough to send it in.


Yeah, same situation. They offer RMA but for what? Another cracked headset a few weeks in, again? Resolve the issue first, then offer the RMA.


Opened an issue to help track numbers @Dallas.Hao

Monitoring a couple of small but growing cracks at the moment, will decide what to do with a European support centre.


I’ve been asked if I want a 100$ coupon, but of course the question then becomes is this the first and last crack? And what if it cracks further?

I’ll ask if it’s possible to get a new front piece and replace it myself if I keep my guarantee.


Don’t you think we would need an official announcement about DIY Pimax owners who would like to have this option?

Today, I will ask for this, let’s see their reaction. I had already an open ticket, I hope they ship me a replacement shell.as I would not mind to replace it.


I think there should be a variety of official announcements on a variety of subjects.

Crack housings info (not officially confirmed).

  • @Mozi first stated possibility of shipping front housing when asked. And said when Askef on Ruggedized they consider shipping. (Pimaxusa claims housing not compatable - meaning redesign… )
  • A user said they considered cracked coupon & pimax said further cracks/cracking would be supported.

Again no official confirmations.


Thank you Heliosurge for the update.

I also just updated my SUPEN-2842 by informing Pimax that my cracks are getting worse, and would be happy to receive a replacement front housing for DIY, as I am good with electronics, have the necessary equipment, and build so many DIY quadcopters with old DJI Naza’s and various Pixhawk FC variants.

I hope they ship me a replacment so that both parties eliminate additional costs like them paying 2 times the shipping and labor with the exchange burden and me paying again custom taxes in case of RMA.

So, I need yours and @Mozi help for me to receive a replacement front housing (original but not defect as PimaxUSA suggested many times) in place of my current cracked one.



Your welcome. Mozi has been mia for a bit. I think @DerekVVV is nowvlooking after aftersales.

But again no updates to keep us informed it seems on changes.


Mozi runs a lot of projects including the most fundamental engineering ones. Lots of items on the plate for team members so the presence can be sporadic at times for team leaders like Mozi.
A lot of deadlines to hit. No doubt it won’t be too long before he makes the rounds here again.


But we need updates with whom to contact.

Kevin what would be best as I suggested to both Mozi & Dallas is to setup an aftersales group. Much like the @moderators & @community groups.

That anyone in those groups will have notification of needs.

Similarly a TSupport group might be an idea for tech team.


Update on my SUPEN.

I asked if I would be able to get a replacement down the line if the condition worsened (only a minor crack now) if I had accepted the 100$ coupon and was told that I would still be able to get a replacement if the condition worsens:


Just to be absolutely sure I have two options:

  1. Wait for replacement headset or replacement housing - no coupon
  2. No replacement headset or replacement housing - 100$ coupon instead

If that is the case, I’d rather choose option 1 and wait :wink:


We give you coupons as compensation for now,if the issue get worse,we still provide replacement to you
have a good day

So that actually seems like a really nice deal to me as the crack is minor… :wink:


ask, which I put to the support today.
If I accept the $ 100, I do not want voucher but money on my paypal.
I have no confidence in your products anymore.
What happens if I accept the $ 100 and later cracks more?
what happens if i can not use the glasses later due to more cracks?
Is it possible to change the housing?
I have paid a lot of money for these glasses and had so far more trouble than fun. First the bad cable
and now the bad plastic.
please answer my questions.