Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



The team has mentioned we will absolutely help customers who experience the housing cracking issue.

That issue and the issue with the housing mating points on some of the assemblies was due to the cooling and deburring process not the thickness of the plastic. The actual percentage of devices with that issue is quite small.

It’s not as simple as saying it’s too thin and should be thicker or a different formulation etc. Much thicker plastic when brittle would still crack. As someone who’s been in the electronic device manufacturing business a long time the choice of plastic, mating method and thickness are clearly ok. It’s not a low cost material. The plastic formulation used just has a small thermal envelope for the cooling process and a very specific deburring process. If the cooling envelope is just slightly off then a quick deburring process can cause a microfracture. Some injection mold plastics firms have special scanning equipment that search for that type of fracture. One small piece of advice don’t try to repair this type of plastic with superglue, it will annihilate this formulation.

Just my .02c


I’ve had my 8K for 2 weeks. It looks like there might be a very tiny crack starting in 1 corner. I’ve been treating mine very gently.

In case someone wants to repair this later, once it’s out-of-warranty, what’s an appropriate option, epoxy perhaps?


It probably doesn’t matter on the mating corners but I would generally not use electrical tape. There is a chance that you could cover some of the sensors.


Than what’s the option? It sounds hard to send it back to Pimax nowadays… How to survive Vive’s or Rift’s 100 FOV after experiencing Pimax?? :grin:


It occurred to me maybe there is an aspect to this that is important that has not been discussed…

The choice of plastics is limited, and the choice of the protective matte application is also very limited. This is because we use a solid surface over the lighthouse sensors. Keep in mind on a Vive they use carveout dimples over each sensor but we have a smooth surface. Many plastics and thickness levels are not possible because it degrades the tracking signal to a high degree.


Whatever you use you would want to keep it as thin as humanly possible or you might impede the tracking.


The other thing of course is sometimes the resin used needs tweaks to the recipe (temperature & durations). In bottling these variences causes white feet, stretched necks & blowouts. Can you share the type of plastic used in the housing?


Definitely a good question & why type of plastic being used is important to know.


It’s proprietary, they wanted a smooth rather than a dimpled product surface. The matte application is also something the team experimented with a lot. The whole thing is designed to max out the signal gain but keep it light.


The areas of the plastic ecperiencing stress cracks seems to be out of the way for the most part in most cases based on the released cover 3d file.


Fair enough. On the otherhand maybe see if thr team could release info on types of glues/resins that could be used for after warrenty repairs.

Ie if Epoxy would be safe.


Just make sure and avoid Cyanoacrylate forumulations but I’ll check with the team for the best material.


Awesome thanks. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


How long can we wait before returning a HMD before you say sorry you have waited to long ?


Hi, As for the root cause, please refer to @PimaxUSA’ answers. At the same time,any casing issue you met please open a sup ticket, our after-sale team will try to find a solution for you ASAP.


I’m curious, but had anyone tried retrobrighting the housing? Seems like the plastic is just frail? Retrobright might strengthen the plastic.


Without knowing composition may introduce other issues.

With being a propietary blend; more interesting would be how long they have been testing for longevity of the material.


I got my headset (5k+) at the start of the month, backer 50xx. All was good until a few days ago when I noticed tiny fractures to the corners of the casing. Do I have to send it in? I live in Norway so that would take a long time:(
Heard a guy got offered 100usd voucher to accept the faulty casing. Any news on that with regards to furter problems and warranty etc?



Guys looks like I joined your club as well. Have 1 big, 2 small cracks and holes at 3 corners. It has been only 2 weeks, and I was only checking Pimax with 3dof like simulation games. Never dropped, as reported by others I took Pimax everytime I used it with gentle. So what do we do?