Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



We’ve got a crack building on our Pimax 8K as well.
We only got it last month and had it in use only a few times so far.
Most of the time it’s been resting easily on a desk.
SUPEN-4556 @Dallas.Hao

Guess I could use a backer tag as well. @Heliosurge


After the backer shipping disaster, there is obviously a new one!!


Well, it’s Murphy’s Law innit. I still have faith in the company though.

But they really need to get out of China if they want to keep their customers though. What with these issues popping up, they need to do manufacturing works in China and send them off to Taiwan or some other country for assembly and delivery.

Shipping from China is best done with, well, ships. Shipments by air is disastrous since they are dealing with literally billions of customers in China alone. So delayed shipments is something that is commonplace. Try ordering anything from AliExpress and you’ll see what I mean.

Being outside of China would guarantee speedy shipments for new products as well as returns.


Mine is cracking as well. No mechanical stress on the housing. Treated headset like raw eggs.


What did Pimax say about the terrible housing quality? I don’t remember. What are they going to do?? I dont want another 100$ Coupon. I would have 3 of them in total.


300, that is an extra pair of LH and controllers that will arrive any day now… :slight_smile:


Me too. Started with one small corner crack in front cover. Now 3 corners cracked.



Here is the answer I got for my SUPEN 2842 after asking for just the front housing, so that I can DIY replace it, looks like it is not possible:

michael wang

Today 09:51LATEST

Dear Customer:

After checking with the technical staff, it is very difficult and complicated for customer to repair it on their own.

So far we do not provide the front casing or other spare parts for customer to repair themselves as the result might be not as satisfied as they think.

Therefore, I advice you to send the HMD back and we will replace a new one for you.



I’d just tell him you’ve seen the teardown photos. Including the one where a member bought a 4k panel from pimax to swap.

Maybe even link Michael to tear down pics.

@Dallas.Hao @DerekVVV can you look into this & have front housing shipped as @mozi daid could be done?


Thanks Heliosurge, I wrote another reply mentioning your suggestions.

I would really like to have @Dallas.Hao @DerekVVV and @mozi to look and help somehow with my SUPEN 2842 and enable for me that option. I am in contact there with Micheal Wang may be they can talk to him.

Btw, I am not offered any coupon option neither, and when they asked me to send my hmd back the address they provided was totally someone elses address, looks like Pimax KS pledger address link is not correct neither.

Anyone thinking replacing their Pimax, pls be sure to verify your correct address and contact info prior shipping your hmd.


Wouldn’t be the first time a hiccup on address. Wonder what happened to the coupon.


Regardless of whether a front housing replacement is DIY or by Pimax, if the new front housing has not been re-engineered, the new housing will just start cracking again in 2 weeks.

Customers need to know FIRST whether the problem has been solved in order to make an informed decision.

Otherwise, it’s a huge waste of time and effort.

If Pimax wants to wrap their head around why they’ve become ‘Persona Non Grata’ in the VR media community, they don’t need to look any further than this debacle.

Who in their right mind is going to recommend an expensive piece of consumer electronics that develops unsightly cracks with 2 weeks of use (or even non-use) and is actively stonewalling their customers?


2 weeks? Mine took 5 to 6 months. Some haven’t had a crack yet like @acegamer whom has had his almost as long as mine.

With DiY we can see how it’s laid out & if the team will let us know if epoxy is safe we can reinforce it ourselves.


Around 6 months here now. Still no cracks and Im really not careful with my stuff to be honest :slight_smile:

During my intro of the 5K XR video running against the door I smacked the 8K several times quitehard. I got really worried to be honest, but not a scratch.


Yes, two weeks, and others have reported similar experience.

That’s a bit of a pipe dream considering that they wont officially acknowledge that a problem exists.

And again, it’s a waste of time until they will articulate what the problem was and how they fixed it.


Well the leaked drop test shows the housing should be able to sustain some good impacts. But it is true thin material is maybe not the best idea in the long term.

A vive does seem like it might fair well as a hacky sack.


I was equally careful with my HMD, handling it with kid gloves because of the early reports.

The first moment I put the HMD on my head, I was overcome with two thoughts

  1. OMG, the picture is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Wow, the housing is flimsy. If I press too hard, my fingers will go right through the plastic!


Well let’s be honest only one denies it could be a problem; siting it’s covered by warrenty. Others remain silent. But having to create a ruggedized version does in fact demonstrates there is an issue as Vive didn’t need to create a ruggedized version (though maybe a sweat resistant version).


Lol, as I read this, I could literally see the quotes around ‘ruggedized’. :rofl:

But yeah, I agree. It was a classic ‘non acknowledgement’ acknowledgement.

Please note I used the word ‘officially’ and I stick to my assertion that they have not done that yet.


Well I suspect it’s both Not as big as we think & not as insignificant as presented.

So I believe they are working on a solution and in the meanwhile warrentying where needed to be able to keep units moving.