Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



I noticed 3 cracks after 3 months, used adhesive tape 3 times , don’t want to open tickets 3 times and wait 3 weeks or 3 months…


You have zero data to back up a claim like automatic failure in 14 days and it’s just plain false.


No offer of voucher here either however I told them straight up I don’t plan on doing an rma, at least yet, on my issues. I also told them if they’re going to send replacement front covers I do want that.

Issues in supen are crack top left corner and audio jack. They did give me permission to fix the audio jack myself and will still honour warranty. They didn’t mention front cover. I’m wondering how much more difficult changing front cover is to changing audio jack.

Did I seriously just see PimaxUSA say to someone ‘you have no evidence’, after actively shutting down our gathering of evidence? Making a complete joker of himself and I’m told he’s a corporate savvy type.

Well Pimax USA does have some of the evidence (not all by far as pointed out) and won’t release it and won’t discuss it except with numbers that don’t add up at all which is what led us to creating a means of gathering evidence…shut down. Behaviour goes a long way in displaying truth. Don’t let them discuss it, don’t let them gather evidence, shut it all down now…nothing to worry about here at all, obviously.


That’s why it’s sarcasm more than a claim. And yes there is data on it as I recall 1 person reported replacement had cracks within 10 days. Now not enough data to make a valid conclusion. But a hypothesis yes.

But enough to start an experiment to verify hypothesis by data collection from those whom have received replacements.


Just slightly harder than removing original xb360 plastic case.

4 screws a ribbon cable.

Audio jack keep going your not there yet. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Now that was a false flag.


A hypothesis can originate from 1 person with an occurrence? Not enough data for a conclusion? Really? Wow. That’s like saying a report of a lottery winner is enough for a hypothesis that it’s likely you will win the lottery but it’s not enough data for a conclusion.


Again Sarcasm is lost on you. The possibility is true that one whom has the front housing replaced it is possible that it will crack again a short period of time later. Which is true and well established.

The possibility is there only the means to verify to what % chance was censored.


none of these hypothesis, suppositions and theories is getting me any closer to a new plastic front panel.

more action less hyperbole (or lack of)


Well it’s still not a problem remember.


Never said it wasn’t a problem, provided info on exactly what happened, how many housings were effected and far more.

But all that ignored entirely and instead you put up an article “as proof” talking about devices that were provided to them exactly during the window we described. Nice, unbias opinion there, helio.


Did you put in a ticket? What is your SUPEN number?


I recommend EVERYBODY with cracks open a ticket, so that they can get their numbers straight…


Supen 1997…


Me thinks science is a bit lost on old Mr Nasa. Or he’s throwing his knowledge to the wind in favour of corporate schill.


It was unbiased. The same with a backers in 6000s & 7000s & a few pre orders well after the affected period.


Whole bunch of logical fallacy going on.

It doesn’t matter that the earliest report (in this thread, mind you) was 10 days or mine was within two weeks, or a number within a month of receipt.

What matters is that the failure pattern is consistent and there has been no word on how the problem was identified and solved.

It is either the engineering of the housing (including materials) or it is the assembly… Which is it and how is Pimax ensuring that RMA’d units will not fail again within weeks of use? It’s been asked repeatedly and an answer has not been forthcoming.

This thread has several backers reluctant to RMA their units until the efficacy of the repair can be verified. A simple explanation of the cause and the corrective action is all that’s necessary to put folks at ease.


I see that one, 1997. Not easy to decipher Sean’s response in this instance. I’ll ask him where he was trying to go with that when they get in.


Weeks 46 & 47 of 2018. Using what Dallas posted on reading the serial number we could check on Cracking hmd build dates.


As I also said, the component parts were not serial numbered, only the completed assemblies. The incidence of it was higher in the early days because those were a higher percentage of the housings. But some of the 720 made it into more recent builds.

This is why I strongly advocate serial numbering components with serial numbers that can be broken down into build dates and batches.