Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Ive had my headset 6 months and its self distructing as much as i love my pimax IM DONE,have reserved the index,i can live with the cracks but i now have 2 broken strap clips and snowing (after replacing cable 2 months ago).none of this would be an issue if i could get strap clips or even an answer of support,have tried all ways of contact have a supen active yet still no answer,ive even offered to pay for the parts.Pimax customer support is awful.please can you help @PimaxUSA


A sort of offtopic question: if I am RMAing my Pimax, what should be sent back? HMD or HMD+cable or HMD+cable+original packaging?


Just double checked mine again and can confirm that I do not have any cracks in my headset that I’ve had since early December. I haven’t handled it with any more care than I have handled my other numerous headsets either. I don’t know if I’ve been lucky or if my experience is actually more of the norm, but my headset has had no issues at all. (other than having the black dots that have been discussed extensively a couple of months ago). I am really happy with mine. However, I am curious about the Index and Reverb headsets that are coming out, but I find it hard to believe that either of them will give me a better overall experience than my 5k+. I look forward to hearing comparisons from someone like @SweViver because I know that he really likes the Pimax the same way I do.


Pimax seems to ignore the main questions. Worse, it gets defensive when stating the obvious. I will ask one more time.

1- What guarantee can you offer that the issue is solved and we won’t have the same problem after receiving the replacement

2- Would it be possible for Pimax to send a replacement before we send the faulty unit ? If not, why is Pimax so reluctant to do so? some of us cannot afford to remain without a HMD for 3-4 weeks



There were cases where replacements were sendt but the faulty unit was not sent back to Pimax…


I doubt that this has ever occurred - no proof of it. If that’s really their reason then I’m happy for them to leverage the remaining backed items such as controllers, base stations, $100 swap etc. or they can simply ask for a deposit as security which it will be refunded once they receive the faulty unit.


I don’t doubt it happened as some kind of security deposit should have been a standard to prevent unscrupulous ppl from being tempted.

One Dev had a great idea in Titan v1 with serial registration. If serial was not registered/banned program/firmware would not run.


Well mine has also developed a crack, haven’t touched it these couple of days so I’ll check it later tonight, hopefully that one spot remains the only one for the foreseeable future. But I can say that I’ve been extra careful with my headset because of the stories revolving weak plastics which I read before receiving my HMD and I even defended you a couple of times regarding this very issue, @PimaxUSA, boasting to people that I have had mine for over a month without any cracks, but look where that got me now.

Now then, since I live in Indonesia and returning the HMD to Pimax would cost a lot and with no guarantee that I will receive the replacement and that the replacement won’t be cracking at the seams is reason enough for me NOT to open a ticket. Now, this may just be me, but put yourself in my shoes for a second, and ask yourself, given the same situation, would you risk opening a ticket?

So I’m sorry, but your data can’t possibly be accurate, because there are many here that I came across saying that they couldn’t be bothered opening up a support ticket since the hassle won’t be worth their time and effort, meaning that you nor anyone in Pimax have the accurate number of backers that have their HMDs cracked due to the design and/or material. Hence closing that poll from a few weeks ago that aimed to show Pimax how many backers have this particular issue was a terrible mistake. Please reflect on this for your sake and, most importantly, for the company you represent.


Another one bites the dust here… However, I have no signs of cracks on the front housing, but 2 cracks in the main housing has surfaced. Seems to be related to the connection points for the head strap. Mine was a pre-order and according to SN assembled week 7 2019 … Seeing how poorly RMA and SUPEN is handled at this time, I will not ship this unit back until EU office is up and running. Barely even used it as I’m sticking to my Odyssey+ until I receive controllers and LHs. Only slightly tested with different PiTool releases and 1 movie… Seems like every aspect of the HMD design has flaws…

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Hi SweViver

I think you YouTubers (also VooDooDE and MRTV) got some special handpicked devices and so you are not able to feel the same pain as we have with our headsets.

Mine was sitting one month in my shelf nearly not used because of the tracking problems and got cracks in the main housing.
So the truth is, the quality of the normal headsets is not comparable to yours.


The only reply I got on my support ticket so far was “i will check and reply to you later” and that was two weeks ago.


If Pimax was “hand picking” devices don’t you think they would have done the same for the units that were sent to reviewers with much more followers?


Preorder 123069… crack on the bottom left corner. Love the headset otherwise but this is a shame


Indeed don’t think they would have sent out so many bad units. Pumcy was a m1 tester & received 2 units that the housing cracked. Then there are other tubers who received a range of defects including I beliece DOA.


5k headset? …


Four cracks appeared on the corners of my 5k+ (backer 5255). They weren’t any when I received it.

I think i’ll wait for the european office to open if it don’t get worse. To send a parcel from EU to China is not cheap.


Crack here too, after one month of use.

I contacted support.

I ordered trouhh E-Ville shop.


My headset have a same kind of chipping in the corner, but I don’t bother to RMA, I don’t even play with it, too much hassle to get the games running perfectly after all.
Now owner of a 3000€ pc which is good for paying the bills, browsing the internet etc.
Maybe one day if the controllers are going to be reality, who knows.


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Its very bad. The high cost of this device should mean that you can at least count on the dann thing to stay in one piece.