Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Mine is a test in crack endurance. See what develops over time. I now have additional 2 cracks on the front face place LHS when the front is facing away. From the bottom to the mid section.

Additional crack on RHS second line down where the faceplace meats the back part of the headset. and some small cracks on the bottom of the faceplate. The original crack has deepened but still the headset is functional.

I keep a hold of it until it doesn’t become functional or before the year is up. Then get it exchanged for same or pay a bit to upgrade to the 8K-X

The faceplate plastic is very poor and seems to be suffering from a combination of heat and poor assembly where the retaining screws were to tight for the material used. A thin gasket in the assembly between the faceplate and the main body of the headset might have helped but I think the faceplace needs a redesign with thicker plastic and only thin circular dimples where the Tracking LED’s are. If not on the outside like the Vive, then on the inside.

That aside, still love using the headset. :joy:


Yep, 5k+. It’s one crack, really a chunk of the plastic that fell out. Hoping it doesn’t spread too far. My intuition tells me to use something like JB Weld, but I’d prefer to not do something that would make it a pain to send back or repair on my own in the future. I’ve yet to hear of anyone having cracks completely ruin the headset experience - as such I’m leaving it alone for now. I don’t think they have fixed this issue yet. I honestly think its a mixture of the type of plastic and the physical shape, sharp corners and weak ABS plastic injection molds do not mix. If it gets to the point of near failure I will use 3d printed parts. The panels and lenses kick total arse, I’m not giving up on the thing, but I am very disappointed to see so many people experience the same problem. I thought that it had been fixed by now.


Well maybe @PimaxUS has had time to look into if epoxy would be safe & not void warrenty if used as a spot repair. Or one of the UV pens.

In theory Epoxy might be safe. But he did state DONOT use Krazy glues.


I have now received my second Pimax 5k +.

Now she is only 2 weeks old and I get cracks in the housing again!

It is frightening!


Of course because they didn’t change a thing in the design… Or maybe this was another housing from the first batches :rofl:


So what is our warranty? Mine of course has tiny cracks, a couple mms long, so I don’t mind them right now.

What if 6-12 months from now they are huge cracks where pieces of housing are falling off or it is affecting tracking? Will a replacement be covered?


So can we get any news about the casing from someone working over there? Are they trying new materials or making changes? This has been going on for a while now… I got my headset cracked in some places as well, same places as many others. P124231 here


My understanding is that it is covered by a 1 year warranty.


Sad. This is why I have been holding off on an RMA hoping the issue is resolved before doing so.


Details like the above is why I have difficulty believing the issue is as small as has been stated. Due to folks receiving 2nd crack faults.

It might not be as big as some think but big enough to be concerned to RMA with likelihood of paying Import fees on replacement until distribution channels are in place to eliminate additional costs. Both ways.


what is up with this ridiculous radio silence from all members of Pimax the last month? They’ve gone dark. Is it direction from the CEO? Are they tired of trying to answer questions? Very odd this company.


Corner chunk missing here on a 5K XR - hope a European center gets opened soon so I can RMA it there once the issue is solved.


Hey Folks,
so I have been using the HMD a bit now in DCS and PC2 and tonight during a longer flight I was adjusting the HMD on my nose and felt that the edge feels “different” then I had it in haptic memory.
So a look after the session shows I have the corners cracking. ATM its the left side and the Top and Bottom most “corners”.
So what is the best practice for this? Go the SUSPEN Way? @Dallas.Hao ( its EU Based )

Edit: I went ahead and opened SUPEN-5165

EDIT nr2:
Just as a thought, I heard there is a more rugged version of the 5K+ - if the housing issue has not been resolved and the internal hardware is the same, I would opt in to buying the more rugged version if that is an alternative (I thing I also still have 100$ deposit from going from the 8k to the 5k+).


That the rugged version does not crack, has still to be proven…


Ok that is a point….


From what i have seen on the GDC interview…

… i have some doubts that it is really better … But maybe Pimax surprises me :stuck_out_tongue:


@PimaxUSA, @Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao @SweViver

Not sure if Pimax has decided to ignore backers - my ticket SUPEN-2922 has been opened for more than 2 months and I’m still waiting for a reply.

You are claiming that this is affecting a small sample of units and yet replacement units are still showing cracks.

Could you please provide an update?


They are probably to busy with RMA`s :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing::innocent:


Hi Telatech, @SweViver can likely help look into your ticket.


I got a response and a solution in money terms (same as the switching) … still need to decide if i want that… what will I get from that … and when…?