Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



So they are still buying people silence instead of fixing issues… So sad…


If it gets worse to the point of it effecting use of the headset, or if any other defects arise you may still be eligible after accepting the voucher.

I’d recommend asking them to confirm that before accepting


To give Pimax their due… (and not to piss off those experiencing poorer customer support! :grin: )

Pimax NA_support shipped me a replacement for my cracked HMD about 10 days after I posted my SUPEN. WTG Pimax North America! :+1: Fingers crossed this one will be more rugged.

@PimaxUSA Only problem is, I was not home when UPS tried 3 times to pick up the cracked unit. I have emailed Pimax NA_support requesting they email me a shipping label so I can return it but have gotten no response. I don’t want to be listed as a thieving slacker! :grin:


Please keep us updated here ricknau if the headset gets any cracks. I just made a ticket and they said for me to send it in but i rather wait till i know for sure they fixed the problem.


That might be an option, I will ask since I was thinking the same think.!

Edit; could be the 100$ to go into the 8 kx :wink: -
Edit2: I was not able to log into the jira system… some maintenance going on? I also get a certificate warning for the previous address to jira ( ( https://work.pimaxvr.com:8080/servicedesk/customer/portal/ )). @Dallas.Hao


Yes it seems their certificate has expired again and @SweViver has notified the guys in tech.

They might want to buy 2 year certificates instead of 1 year certificates or set up surveillance of the expiry date or even just put a big post-it on the wall at their HQ :smiley:

If You buy through GoGetSSL for example You’ll get a warning via mail a month before expiry.


Office is M-F and this past Friday was a training day. Team will contact you tomorrow.


You might want to look into tools like Pingdom, Apica etc. for You website and/or shop.

You can do a lot of fancy stuff to test that Your page(s) work as expected (pretent making orders in the shop or tickets in JIRA and such) and it’s not all that expensive.


We already have another system. Hardest part is migration.


Tell me about it… There can be so many quirks to work out along the way… :exploding_head::face_with_monocle::astonished:


Yeah wouldn’t mind to have not lost the first 100$ From downgrade and my backing stuff due to migration, hope the DB (excel?) is still consistent :wink: .


I think the downgrade coupon will be officially delivered in June.


So not sure what to do here:

Cracks on both sides are getting bigger and almost go across entire facet of both sides. Still functioning obviously, only cosmetic at this point. But I feel like I should take action.

What have other people done and what results have you gotten? (Have they allowed return or something else?)



That does look to be becoming significant. I would reccommend contacting support & filing a ticket.


What is the preferred method these days? An email to the North American Support team or through the support portal and “Order issues”?


With you being in the US; NA office would be best. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hello I’ll get my third Pimax 5k + soon! My case has always cracked. I think I know the problem !!! I think it’s the heat! The Pimax gets very warm, the case gets cracks from the heat! It just has to be on long enough! Pimax can test it yourself! Simply leave the Pimax switched on for 1-2 weeks! The go will be very warm and ALL housings will break! (Cracks)!!!



Heat normally makes plastic soft and pliable, cold makes plastic brittle, so cant see heat cracking the case. looking at My HMD the cracks on the left side the plastic looks thinner and feels thinner than the right side of the HMD were I have no crack.


When sending in the headset, do they replace the housing and send back the same headset?if not then it would be awesome if they could send first, since we all know the delivery time can be long x.x


Doesn’t work like that at least not in this case…I am sure no one is putting their pimax in the freezer to make the plastic brittle. Plastic that gets too warm then cools down then too warm again and cools down again equal plastic that will end up suffering from shrinkage and it will crack.

Molecular orientation problems are generally due to heat issues in the cooling down process when the plastic bit is first made. It also happens to be what causes surface cracks days, month or years after and also a factor in corner cracks especially if there a shrinkage problem.