Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Indeed and as we have 2 different plastics expansion & contraction rates might not be equal as well adding additional stress.

This is a money maker in the auto industry with aluminum heads on cast iron. Many drivers don’t realize short trips to the store cause the aluminum head to crack as the engine doesn’t reach normal op temperature for proper balanced cool down. The headgasket helps. A gasket between mating parts of the headset may help.


What makes me worried now is that they have sent a big load of headsets to amazon and most of them will crack after a short while. Which will lead to bad reviews most likely, such a shame :confused:


they don’t really seem to give a damn.


A great start up company burned down to the ground by bad marketing, no strategy, bad PR, empty promises. This happens every single time a founder lost interest and/or focuses too much on profit. Whoever was hired as manager at Pimax needs to be kicked out quick if Pimax still want to be taken seriously.

If I was the manager, with the knowledge that bad reviews equal bad PR, I would go the extra length to address issues and plan forward with real solutions that are cost effective, doable and doesn’t take too long to produce, meaning that the current design needs to be thrown away and no more of “we use special mix of material” talk which has been proven without doubt to have failed.


Joining the cracked housing club too. I got my 5K XR two weeks ago and figured it can’t be as bad any more as people are making out, yet here I am two weeks later after treating the headset like a newborn child and I too have the same types of cracks in the same types of places as those shown above.

I’m also reluctant to send it back for a warranty after reading how long this can take, and the fact that it’s primarily just a cosmetic thing…


The general support process goes like this.

1 Please open a supen
2 support close the supen
3 end of process

If you do run the gauntlet of a replacement, it will also crack.

Pimaxusa will be along shortly to tell us statistically there are no cracks.

Enjoy your now unsellable new hmd.


Crack with a hole. Luckily only one crack at the moment. I received the HMD (5K+) at the end of February and use has been quite limited (I’d guess less than 20 hours). Opened a supen today.

Should I put a tape over it or something to stop dust getting in?


Is there a Map of where the sensors are on the HMD? I was thinkin also to reenforce the corners so that it will not further crack (by the way, my suspen was handelt fast and ok for me).


Community free gift. The cover has holes where sensors are.


Mine has started cracking after only 4hrs usage, I have been examining it out of paranoia due to this crackgate fiasco. I know it sounds crazy but I put it down and then left the headset on until it got warm whilst updating steam (had my dinner I think) then picked it up again and there were cracks forming at the bottom. If someone else said it I simply wouldn’t believe it. Dam having read all these comments about cracking I treated the dam thing like a Faberge egg for the first 4hrs and it still made no difference.

I am 100% sure the material is cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction. Literally you don’t have to bang it or knock it, it will simply crack as it warms. By the sounds of things its not really worth doing an RMA


I’m based in the UK Is it worth doing an RMA guys? If not I will just jump ship and get a Valve Index, shame really this headset seemed so promising. Also does anyone know if you can simply replace the part yourself, assuming they are willing to send it?


I put a small piece of black electrical tape over the crack in my 8K, for exactly that reason. Your crack is on a seam like mine, so a small bit of tape shouldn’t block any sensors.


so about 2 months after my first crack(which was 2 weeks after receiving headset, comically bad quality), when I’m assured “only a small amount of users experience the cracking issue”, there are many more people with cracking cases, and still radio silence by Pimax?

Pretty sure I’ll be joining the “RMA to Ebay” crowd once the first device they sent me gets bad enough to send in. This is a pathetically sad circus of a situation, and the way Pimax is disregarding the problem is straight up insulting.

Pimax… great headset, but the company can’t stand behind a glaring flaw that they have been called out on… how unfortunate. I would love to keep this headset, but I’m not paying over $700 for something that feels like it won’t make it through the winter, and the company looks the other way at the same time.

This entire situation just leaves an awful taste in my mouth. Shame on you Pimax.


Being your in the US. Contact the NA office for RMA. PimaxUSA had said.something like 720(?) Suspect front housing were used (yes I have a silver crack in 1 corner - first batch); there are users whom have said they haven’t been gentle with the headset with over 6months of steady use.

Being in NA your in a better position for exchange than most & it has been reported US office is quick.


Cant see this being just 700-800 units with this problem, there is at lease one user that is going to be on his third Pimax 5k. would be very very unlucky to get two HMD`s in a row that have cracks.


Yes I agree it could be a bigger issue. On the same token though while originally 700 to 800 pieces this doesn’t mean that even with a tighter process that new occurances will not happen; it is a question of frequency & how well it can be detected.

For example if 800 units represents originally a failure rate of 12% (high in mfg standards) it might be now at 7% which is still a very high occurance especially when a defect is external rather than internal.

They are likely adapting process & possibly design to remedy the issue as the costs for RMAs are staggering & no company wants to have these additional costs looming on a finished componet/product.


There are more important things than solving cracks, horizontal lines, lighthouses and controlers, let focus on discussing pro and cons of going open source, please…


That is in it’s own topic. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

But yeah depending on details Opensource should help in a lot if areas.


Cracks appears these days on mine. I think I’ll wait for the european center to be operational before asking replacement.


Same for me i will wait, for me 2 cracks appears in just one month