Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Should be interesting to know if cracks expand or not.


Well I opened a ticket for my issue and withing a couple of hours and sending some photo’s back, Support state that they will be sending me a replacement headset. Let’s see how it goes.


I got my replacement headset after weeks of waiting. It came (same as the first one) with a faulty cable. To make things more frustrating delivery was from China so now I am furnished with a duty tax bill as well!


I’ve sent mine yesterday and waiting for the replacement - I really hope mine is shipped from the EU warehouse


Pimax is supposed to cover these charges for RMA units. You need to send them a copy/photo of the receipt.


I got the same answer. We’ll see.

ps. How does one get the π5k+ Backer text after the name?


@Heliosurge can fix that for You… :+1::wink:


Updated title to confirm you Backed Kickstarter?


Affirmative. Thanks :+1:


And so the circus ride begins…

Ship it to us, we’ll pay you back by PayPal, don’t spend more than US$50 on shipping, figure out your own packaging, don’t use EMS (whoever, or whatever they are, I asked twice and didn’t get a reply) oh, and by the way, tell customs that it’s only worth US$80.

When we get your headset back, we’ll send you a new one… I can only imagine what would happen if the headset went missing when it was shipped :roll_eyes:

Don’t hold your breath…

@Pimax, this is the stuff that is killing you… You really need to get this process sorted out and not rely on the customer to do the work for you. I’ve gone from quite impressed, to hopeful to disappointed in just a few days…


…is that not mail fraud?


Maybe their manufacturing costs are a lot cheaper than we think!


Common practice actually, since we are talking about a returned product as opposed to buying a new one. There is no clause regarding returns in most countries.


I have sent mine last week and was delivered to their address in the UK on Monday. I’m yet to receive a confirmation from them about the reception and to when I will get my replacement - The support communication is appalling except @SweViver who is trying his best to help but it seems like this is a one-man show when it comes to handling RMA - Too many for the support person to process.

Now they have changed their Support website and it does not longer accept my credentials nor I can access the original ticket.

I just really hope Pimax get their act together but this has been ongoing for such a long time.


Doubtful. Safest bet for us is to leave them until they can sort out their issues. I personally think that our time and money are better wasted on other stuff than this badly managed mess of a company.


They don’t have time to improve support and fix issues but have plenty of time to handle a trade-In program for P4K owners…


The 4k trade in program is not really new. During the kickstarter it was offered. I elected at thst time to keep mine. It has simply been re-rolled out & updated.

And original p4k owners are getting a nice option for their patience & support as p4k has suffered at times due to resources being needed in the 5k/8k project.


I agree, I doubt that they will manage to keep a loyal customer base. Post sales customer service is key to maintain a good customer base. Their focus is very much to increase sales without realizing that for each customer painful dissatisfaction they will not only lose customer retention but also potential referrals.

As a small company you need to invest in support and ensure that your customers are happy so they don’t detract other potential customers.

I’m not sure if this is because of their lack of experience or because of the cultural differences


After that long with no change nobody should wonder if the reason could be their lack of experience.

Making new cash by selling unfinished products just seem their totally assumed strategy (and they will die from that sooner or later).


It would seem fair that Pimax setup up return delivery with the carrier they used to ship in the first place and prepay then supply delivery slip with RMA# to be affixed to the box. This would ensure delivery and address was documented properly and tracked efficiently.