Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Well on that. The NA office in our region I believe has something like that in place. So it’s coming just takes time to implement.


HP used to be really good at one time. My gf they wanted her to pay $200 for a $40 printer under warrenty.

She returned it to BestBuy whos only had no questions on refund after seeing it was an HP product.

Another fellow worked for another chain & said they have a lot of returns on HP products.


That would require an exclusive deal with a major worldwide delivery service like FedEx or DHL. With the current geopolitical tension between China and USA (thanks to agent orange) being what it is, it’s not at all possible since both are companies registered in the USA.

As a workaround, Pimax can still do so by actually working with Japanese and/or Korean freight companies to ship and store in a warehouse and under a company licensed in the host country, make a deal with either of the major shipping companies. But judging from their shifty business practices, I no longer hope for this company to succeed.


I will repeat myself a little here, but if there is anyone here that has made a SUPEN ticket and havent got a reply yet or if you are waiting longer than expected, just leave me a DM (direct message) here and I will do my best to speed it up with the support team tomorrow morning! :slight_smile:



I haven’t seen any indication trade dispute between China and USA is keeping Pimax’s US depot from arranging shipments of replacement parts to Canada, US and Mexico.


I try to always buy using the Amazon platform because of their wonderful RMA process. If I was a new purchaser, I would prefer to buy the Pimax using the Amazon system instead of buying directly from Pimax.


Indeed why I believe pimax has been getting Amazon channels up & running as well.


Big Amazon convert here…Ebay who?


CMIIW, but my understanding is that with the ongoing tariff wars, products from China would receive increased export tax for shipments to US which impacts new sales to the US and returns being shipped to China will also receive increased tax. So US based companies would be discouraged from doing deals with Chinese based companies.

Products already in US warehouse(s) obviously are not affected by this.


Mine has a crack on the left top corner, but to be honest the whole unit is still solid so I’m not overly concerned. If there is a push to send out just new housing I’d be up for that though.


Fair enough but I was speaking to the topic of the thread which pertains to damaged good being sent for repair and not any kind of sales.


Indeed Apple is comcerned as well.


I’m with you on this. I was just about to buy my 5k+ from the web store when they launched on Amazon in my country. To get it next-day when I expected to wait a month was really awesome.



What’s the point of doing a RMA for cracks when we don’t have a single info showing changes has been made and the root cause been identified thus resolving the issue for real ?

I would RMA if I was assured the issue wouldn’t reappear with the replacement unit, but instead we already have a few reports from replacements that cracked again…

So what now ? First be clear about this issue, tell us if the root cause has been identified and fixed, and if yes why do we see replacements still getting cracks then ?

ALSO, why RMA for cracks when you have also other issues that you would like to be fixed too like the scanline/horizontal black lines issue ?

A few weeks ago Kevin has asked for pictures about this issue and I have supplied a bunch of through the lense pics showing the issue very clearly but then we have never heard back about this.

We have no clue if Pimax is even working on this scanline issue and same for the cracks for which Kevin is even denying the real existence of the issue, saying it was a problem from the past affecting only a very few units in early production but that can’t be true as recent replacements are still cracking.

AND LAST, I have also been reluctant to RMA so far due to the policy of sending the faulty unit first. I have even suggested a deposit could be made to have the replacement sent first. I never heard back about that suggestion but yesterday I have read in the survey this deposit for receiving the replacement first is already doable today ?

So is this really possible or was it just super bad wording in the survey and Pimax was just “asking if” people would like that ? And if it is already possible today then what is the amount of this deposit and when does it get refunded, when the faulty unit arrives at Pimax warehouse or as soon as you give Pimax a proof you have sent the unit back ?



Agreed with @neelrocker here.

If I get a headset back that cracks again after jumping through these hoops, I’ll be more than pi$$ed off. I would rather be told that “We’re really sorry, this is something we’re not happy about and are working on a solution to the problem. If it gets any worse, let us know and you can return your headset at any time for a replacement if you need to. Otherwise, we’ll let you know when we’ve resolved the problem”

As far as I was concerned, it was purely cosmetic and not a structural thing and didn’t really want to return it, just to get it on record that if it became worse, I had an avenue for support in the future. After reading a lot of the negative comments about snowing, dodgy cables, scan lines and all the others, I’m actually more worried about receiving a worse headset than I sent if I’m honest… :frowning: and that’s a real shame because 3 weeks ago when I first got it and flew in DCS I was absolutely amazed at how damned good it was and was shouting it out to all of my friends.


That is exactly what I am thinking…


The housing is still something Pimax is improving. The more recent batches of headsets (since early spring) have indeed a more durable plastics, but its not perfect yet. My 5K XR loaner unit does have thicker plastics than my pledged 5K+ and 8K kickstarter units from fist batch.
But as you say, cracks could still happen. Definitely not for everyone, but it happens. I guess this is also the reason the riggedized version might one day be the standard for Pimax headset, who knows.

Working with support lately, I see basically every RMA (because of cracks) being replaced as requested. In most cases within 1-2 weeks the user has a new headset, depending on delivery time. So Pimax does indeed care about the support.

The people that have not gotten it replaced are the ones who reply to ticket questions by email, which you shouldnt. Reply in the ticket system directly. And if you dont get a fast reply, just contact me and I will speed it up.


I bought a second 5k+ off of someone and it has cracks in it(as well as my first 5k+) am I out of luck in regards to housing cracks since I bought it secondhand? Its not like the cracks are from use, the headset was brand new and its a known product defect.


Do we have to send back every thing that was in the box ?, only every thing else is ok and seams pointless to send back the cable when I know this one works, would be cheaper to send just the HMD back in a smaller box as well.


I suggested the same but I was told to send everything - pointless. I now have to wait for the replacement and hope to get lucky in the Pimax HMD lottery draw