Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Absolutely agree with this - I’ve an XR with no problems other than a corner crack - I’m waiting to see how this pans out before going without a headset for an unknown time frame.


Um… I think we all know the answer to this…



It could be something with your ticket system. I reply to my SUPEN on the dashboard, however I get an email saying ‘did you respond?’. the last activity on the ticket is my reply, not sure whats so hard about that. even osTicket is better than what I’ve seen out of their ticket system…


Any chance you could ask about the idea of a DIY fix for cracked front panel.

Ie pimax send out a new panel and we fit ourselves.

Thanks for all the work you do for vr. I followed your quake quest guide on my new quest last night :+1: wow its fantastic :grinning:



Thanks, this is a least some few informations, although I think there should just be almost 0 cracks from normal use (= not hit to the HMD).

And what about the other 2 questions:

1°) The horizontal black lines issue being worked on or even fixed ?

2°) The deposit for getting the replacement before sending the faulty unit back, is it already effective ? (that was in the survey sent yesterday)


Could you use an IR transparent PLA 3D printer Filament to repair defects/cracks in the plastic?


Well with knowing where sensors if notbinban area where the sensor is. In theory bionic pen (uv activated) might be able to be used. Bu5 need input on safe repair compounds to use.


Yeah, I have been looking at possibilities for materials that cure clear, but also IR teansparent so as not to be an issue if we dont know exactly where stuff is.

Cant we just exsmine it through a camera with an IR filter to see where the LEDs are?


The 3dprintable case shows where sensors are. & SJ’s teardown might as well.


Me too, except I have an 8K. I did have a cable problem (sparkles and black/white flashes), but I got a replacement cable (after about a 1 month delay). Since then, my headset has been great.


Mines had cracks now for 5 months,theyve not got any worse and being in the uk theres no chance im returning it untill EU centre opens,although hoping it lasts till my index arrives.I enjoyed my pimax but their not built to last



I never saw the new thread when the casings arrived.

I created a support ticket this weekend for the cracked headset using the new support system. I was told “Ship it back and we will reimburse a PayPal account” I was expecting to get a shipping label from Pimax as you mentioned. Has the process changed and Pimax is no longer giving out prepaid shipping labels?

I also noticed that my ticket was processed last night, which would have been Monday during the day in China. Did I somehow end up getting processed by the China support center and not the NA one?

I would prefer to have the NA support center process this request.

My “SUPEN” in the new Odoo system is 16158



I don’t know why they didn’t use our procedure for return labels. Please let them know you expect a return label.


Will do. Thanks for the fast response.


@PimaxUSA The new support system is a bit buggy. Pimax can look at my ticket for an example of the bug. #16158

I posted a response to the ticket which disappeared. It apparently sent the response as an email form Odobot to an engineer that wasn’t assigned to my ticket.

He was confused and replied to the email asking for my ticket number which posted his response back to the ticket along with the email containing my lost response.


@mozi, @Dallas.Hao, @PimaxUSA

Hey guys I just opened a ticket (# 16,350) for broken and cracked Pimax 5K+ housing. Thank you…


@SweViver help this man out :slight_smile:


I have poked the support guys about your ticket. I will sent you a DM in a moment…



Thank you sir! …


SUPEN 3776 cracked case (#16280)
…waiting for weeks now Martin!
I need this sorted or unfortunately will have to refer the case to my Credit Card provider to recover my money. Look forward to hearing from you!