Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



In my opinion, Pimax’s complete approach to support cases is highly self-destructive.

I really have no idea if all of this is different in China, but in Western countries the following principles apply:

1 No customer complains for no reason

2 Professionally handled complaints are the best advertisement

3 Dissatisfied customers talk about their experiences and share them

4 Satisfied customers do the same, but to a much lesser extent

5 Unhappy customers find a channel for their anger

As a Kickstarter I can still remember very well the statement that we should receive premium support and, for example, our hardware is exchanged in case of a defect in advance.
Has any customer made such experiences?

At first I was very excited about my 5k +. With the problems, however, then came the disillusionment and at some point I was sorry that Pimax does not provide plug and play and I often had to fix issues before starting my gaming session.
I´m really really happy with my Index now! The FoV ist much more smaller than with my Pimax, but all other aspelte of this VR are considerably better than this disadvantage is no longer significant.


Is there any news on the EU service center yet, I am still waiting to RMA My 5k+


@PimaxUSA @SweViver

I could use some help getting support to respond to my ticket as well if you have time.

My Odoo ticket is #16,158 it has been over a week since the last reply. I asked support if they could give me a pre-paid shipping label, like @PimaxUSA told me to, and no one ever replied to my ticket.

I have been posting on the ticket almost every day asking for help.

I even created another ticket asking for help in case the 1st one was lost, but that one has been completely ignored.



Give the office a call - 407-567-7788.


Thanks. I didn’t see this until just now, so I will give the office a call tomorrow during business hours.


My third Pimax is cracked again!

Pimax has not paid me any shipping costs until today!
I have sent an invoice!

My account is also no longer available and was deleted!

It is very annoying!

ALL Three Pimax Cases Torn!

Pimax cases are very very bad!


Not good. You will need to use new support link @Dallas.Hao posted. @SweViver might be able to look into things. Send him a private message with details like og ticket number.


I did that! It does not happen!

So slowly I get cheated on! :frowning:


It’s a huge mess! I’m pissed!


And they wonder why I haven’t sent my HMD with “only” 2 cracks in for RMA.

Well, here’s the reason. I don’t want to risk getting a headset that’s in worse shape than the one I have now. I keep seeing these stories and it doesn’t reassure my confidence in their RMA process at all…


That’s why I said to ask @SweViver to assit looking into it. Support system has not reached a satisfacrtory level of operation yet and needs more work as such.

Sweviver can likely help get this resolved. Send him a pm with details. Just keep in mind as a result he’s getting hamnered as well. :disappointed:


Oh yes… Wait a crack?? Come on its obvious that this is just a first something batch problem… Occured very rarely…!! How dare you…

Ironie aus


like you
Pimax has not paid me any shipping costs until today!
I have sent an invoice!

My account is also no longer available and was deleted!


Well being in the USA you haave a better communication path email & a phone number. Reports US response is fairly responsive. Give @PimaxUSA a try. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Not really sure what that matters, as you can tell I’m really not too concerned about anything but them fixing the cracking, which is obviously still unresolved.

There’s no reason for me to reach out to support just to elevate my frustration by shipping HMDs back and forth from cracking because nothing has been done to fix the issue. I’ve stated this a number of times in this thread, and here we are, still seeing people getting cracked HMDs back from RMA.

If my headset is seemingly in better shape than most I see here, despite the few cracks it does have, why would I roll the dice with an RMA only to end up like others here, getting charged for shipping, maybe end up with a worse HMD, or even better yet, lost in shipping completely.

But hey, just keep ignoring the problem Pimax, oh and buy our ‘ruggedized’ version because there’s definitely nothing wrong with the base model… we just made a version that is stronger because its for ‘business’. give me a break.


Because the NA support center provides printable return shipping labels. So no wait on getting shipping feels. So if you receive another that cracks keep returning until one arrives that is good.


I was told by Pimax support that this is not the case. (They finally replied to me.) I was explicitly told on my ticket that PayPal refund is the only option. No shipping labels. I asked a 3rd time to confirm and they replied telling me no shipping labels.

I also asked if my ticket could be processed by the NA support center (Since all the responses were around 1-3 am in my timezone) and was told that was not possible since tickets are “now handled by Customer Support”.

I forgot to call the number from PimaxUSA yesterday and today is a holiday, so I will try calling tomorrow to see if the NA support center tells me something different on the phone, however, at this point, it looks like NA customers won’t get shipping labels or have their tickets handled by NA support.


Can you send me your SN number by PM?


I can not believe that Pimax has solved the problem with the case! Three times New Pimax 5k + All three broken. It’s absolutely sickening. I am very angry. :disappointed_relieved:


Many Thanks,

Pimax has paid.!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: