Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Are you purposefully ignoring the fact that I have no intention on shipping my HMD until they have officially made a statement about the cracks? The shipping isn’t even a factor in the equation yet… the quality control of the case is the only issue right now. I will deal with other issues after this one is addressed, which it still isn’t.

Not to mention Dallas himself replied just under my previous post, with nothing about their stance on this. No surprise of course.

So really here is the question: "What is Pimax’s official stance on what seems to be a large number of users experiencing case cracks, and the RMAs that are being sent out with cracks as well?"

If Pimax’s stance is: “Please RMA the HMD and we will send another”, consider me uninterested in joining the circus.


Well it’s Friday now. I would give it a call. Maybe @Dallas.Hao @SweViver or @PimaxUSA can get this fixed. Unless the NA Support is being repurposed.


No I am pointing out compared to backers in tge rest of the rest of the world you have an easier potential to have an exchanged.

Myself? If I had a big enough issue to return with this option. I would shipped back until I received a flawless housing(as there is folks out there that have them; even if unicorns).

As for support confusion. That NA email & phone number would be utilized.


Well, if there was an official statement with something along the lines of(excuse my brevity): “We know early HMDs had cracking, however we have resolved the issue and all HMDs shipped from X date or newer will no longer encounter the issue” then I would consider utilizing the US depot that I’m well aware of is expedited vs other sectors. However, that doesn’t mean anything, because there is radio silence on the issue, so just because I can lap the merry-go-round faster, doesn’t mean I’m interested in a ride.

I appreciate your input, but there’s clearly some foul with the case, and nobody is stepping up to own the problem. In my line of work, you own your problem or you lose your job. That is where my issue with this whole debacle is, the lack of addressing, accountability, and resolution for the problem.


I don’t disagree. But RMAs are unfortunately sometimes the best way to shake things up. If they truly believe the issue is small exchanges rackup a lot of costs in volume & encourages a real fix. Vs just hoping it’s mostly fixed.

Hammer them with exchanges & a fix will be implemented. I think housing thickness maybe also related to tracking crash after physically touching hmd by some.


Yes, this is unfortunately the only answer currently. But, having a ‘near perfect’ hmd with only 2 cracks, is kind of deflating to join the circus when it is still operating fine from a functional standpoint(Small amount of cable ‘snow’, but that can be resolved easily I’m aware as well). I would prefer to keep the HMD around for a number of years, mainly when hardware catches up so I can crank up SS, but am afraid of the durability when the cracks came so fast. I am a bit surprised that they haven’t really expanded, which is nice, but ultimately still a problem.


Chaining RMAs “until you get something right” is not an acceptable solution as you are then left without HMD for weeks (and have to pay shipping, and then there seem to have difficulties to get the shipping cost refunded. Not talking about the increased risk of a lost shipment when you chain RMAs).

Issues must be fixed first and there must be a clear communication to inform customers when it’s done, so they can RMA once and get back a flawless HMD they will not have to RMA again (in most cases).


Well Cable part has been made easy compared to other issues. From my understanding just filing a ticket will usually get one sent. Though I’d contact the NA Office.


Yeah, I’m just not too concerned on that one and it isn’t a big enough issue to address when I have another possible RMA coming =)


It may not be ideal & not a good thing for a company. But being in the NA region weeks should only be less.

I had a grinder got from a local farm hardware Store. It used a brushed motor everytime I used it for 20 to 30m. The brushes being soft would need to be replaced. The store didn’t sell brushes but did give me 6 grinders.

That store no longer carries that product line. While I like my headset if it had bad cracking. It would be RMAed until I get a good one just to ensure the company gets that it is a bigger issue than what they think.

As for doing without an hmd for a period of time? Summer is a good time to enjoy the weather.

Nice Akira Pic. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


With the cable from my understanding no rma they just send you a new one. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@jdilla I’ve all but pleaded with Pimax to officially state whether the problem has been resolved for months and the silence in the forum has been deafening.

The closest we’ve seen to an official ‘public’ response was recently on RoadToVR…

To be fair, I think they stated this in their latest ‘progress update’ on the forum, but it doesn’t emphatically put the issue to rest.

@Dallas.Hao, is Pimax officially stating that the cracking issue is resolved and can you guarantee that backers who RMA their HMDs will receive the ‘improved’ headsets?

FWIW, it’s in your best interests to do so, as publicly ‘doing the right thing’ will salvage this PR mess you’ve created.


I just checked my headset’s 1 small crack. It does not appear to have grown over the last month or so, nor do I see any new cracks. I’ve protected the corner with a small piece of electrical tape and that seems to be sufficient (at least for now).


I’ve second HMD cracked, this one is cracked in all four corners. I have them covered with Gaffer’s tape, and it seems like cracks do not progress. I suspect that problem is not so much a poor plastic, rather than housing needing additional reinforcement, because HMD is wide, and strap connection points bend the housing, it is basic mechanics:

I absolutely love my HMD, and Pimax USA offers great, no questions asked RMA, which I will use again likely, but Pimax need to reinforce the housing. Note, that even if post above mentioned DAS, my first HMD cracked without DAS. It is all the matter of head shape and how tight user wants HMD.

Cracks is the only reason I cannot recommend this HMD to my friends, I really hope they will be addressed. Another problem is that cracks will affect resale value a lot, so $100 off of $700 item is too little IMHO.


same here, one tiny crack in the corner, put transparent tape over it a while ago, it seems to hold it together.


Hopefully the NA support is just in a transitional phase. I had submitted another ticket asking for support on my 1st and I just noticed that the reply on that other ticket said “I’m sorry, but we are temporarily unable to offer pre-paid shipping labels”. Not sure why it is “temporary” but hopefully that means they they will be offered again in the future.

None of the other support people on my other ticket mentioned lack of pre-paid shipping being “temporary” though.

I called and left a message, so maybe I will have more info once they call me back.


Well it seemed pimaxUSA was confounded too when someone was told that(was that you?).

We have seen before support not having up to date details. So hopefully NA office can sort that out. As it will be cheaper for pimax to have printable prepaid labels vs us trying to keep cost under $50 US. That or there going to have to up the the shipping reimburstment.


That was me.

I called the support center on Friday and today. I was able to ahold of someone today and they were extremely helpful.

They are generating a pre-paid shipping label for me.

If you are in NA I would recommend calling the number since it seems you will get better support
on the phone than submitting a ticket. (I was told multiple times on the ticket that they would not give me a pre-paid label) On the phone it was solved in a few minutes.


Awesome Manzilla!

Glad this has been resolved to this point anyway. Should be smooth sailing from here. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

@dallas.hao can you see about talking with the team to help NA region owners get defered to US office for applicable warrenty issues.


My third Pimax 5k +, housing cracked again!