Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



It’s typical viral marketing paid by Facebook. It’s no secret anymore!


Never asked yourself why the attacks almost always come from Oculus?


yeah but we had this hardware/brand related stuff also in “the early days” like commodore/atari (c64/atari 800) but because you had that face to face it was more of an argument with some facts thrown in


Actually, I never noticed. I tend to skim posts like that.



Atari - Gemini
Nintendo - Sega

The list goes on. Choose your preference & defend it to the bitter end. Lol


Just a conspiracy theory. All brands usually have undead zealots.

Zombies come in many forms in Z Nation! Long live the Murphy! Lol


It’s not “just a conspiracy theory”, as it was proven, that Facebook is involved in such practices.

Furthermore it was explicitely stated by an Oculus manager, that they keep “an eye” on social media like reddit, which of course means that they are involved in forming the public opinion.

But I have no time to explain the obvious.


All companies pay attention to social media whether they admit it or not. It is good sense for a company to monitor public opinions. With a variety of users whom are zealots much like Heaney was very strong at being not long ago. They needn’t be as directly involved save to give the odd nudge.

Most companies are likely to have quiet paid proxy influencers out there. Hence why there are jobs named promoters/influencers.

But also never under estimate the sheer number of unpaid zealots.


Uhh, yeah, that’s the main point of this viral marketing. To create an army of fanbois who will spread your poisonous propaganda for free.


So no need to make it seem Oculus needs to be involved as Mobs are quite efficient without the need to nudge.

Everyone knows FaceBook is biased on a variety of subjects.


Facebook is a special case, for many reasons:

  1. lead by a psychopath who will do everything for total dominance of “his” market
  2. quasi-monopoly on social media
  3. criminal beyond any other big tech company (Google is very tame compared to what Facebook is doing, is respecting laws, whereas Facebook openly is breaking laws in many countries)
  4. is convicted of breaking laws in many law suits
  5. has the biggest issues with privacy and data security, no other company compares to this level
  6. the obvious plan is to build a total dominance of the metaverse
  7. was caught in launching an antisemitic (!!!) smear campaign against George Soros
  8. I don’t understand why Mark Zuckerberg isn’t it jail yet. Land of the criminal free I guess?


Most Fortune 500 companies are the same. When something happens often someone “in charge” of that department resigns &/or is arrested.

Not uncommon practises for top companies. Just look at Sony & Microsoft exploits over the years. Sony was even putting Viruses & Rootkits on CDs & DVDs. Once discovered they were forced to remove.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with corporation politics. But Powerful corperations have shaped the world to protect big businesses.


The only effective weapon anyone has against corporate greed and crappy practices is the control you have over your own wallet.


I do not care about big picture and conspiracy theories, but I have never seen any paid software (Oculus was not free), to try so hard to take control of your PC with the goal of increasing their sales. I am surprised there’s no lawsuit or something in Europe on them. Even Amazon did not go to such lengths. I once bought Kindle on promotion, without realizing that promo involves me getting advertisments on a first page. I contacted customer support, and they removed them. I had to pay the “promo fee” but that is fair, I was still in control. But what Oculus did with their Home, Dash, enforced updates, I never experinced anything like this, even thinking about closing my FB account.

Cracked plastic

Consoles are also bad for forced updates mainly to ensure modding breaks. Oculus likely does the same to make it hard for 3rdparties like pimax & revive have difficulties maintaining compatability.


Yes, I agree… consoles are not the way I’d like them to be (don’t know about PS4, but I’d like Xbox One to be more customizable). But it does not bother me because I do not use them. Of course it is mostly up to personal preferences. For example, I asked my wife - would you like me to turn off News, Ads tiles in Win10 start menu? Guess what, her answer was - no I like it leave it there, nice distraction.

But my PC is my PC, I was really, really pi***ed when it felt like Oculus tries to decide what they do with my PC and my HMD. No way.


Agreed. Why I ditched consoles after ps3. Plus there are some nice emu for upto that one.

It was ashame when Sony removed the option to install a linux os on the ps3.

Can’t wait for more hmd support on linux. Though W10 is much better than Windows used to be.

I’m also against exclusives. :wink:


Speaking of Linux support:


That’s Awesome! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hi, my hmd opens a little crack in the left. What do I need to do? Obviously my hmd never falled down


Contacted support. Could choose between 100usd voucher or send it in to get a new casing. It has taken about 2 months now since I started the process. Still waiting:)