Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Thanks I’ll contact support then… not a big deal but the “autocracking” of that plastic makes me think that problems are just around the corner… not too happy


Lots of discussion here.


You may find some useful information here Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)


@anon84525399 @Matthew.Xu
What is the current process for a unit returned from Norway with case cracks?

I had a SUPEN open previously that was closed. I have been holding off opening a new one for an EU service centre to open. However I want to get started so I have the replacement back well before winter.

Where would the unit need to be sent to?
The UK or somewhere else?
How long should the return process currently take?


Dear @jaysm,

We have changed the new customer service: helpdesk.pimaxvr.com.

If your headset fails, please submit the question to the new helpdesk. We will help you to replace the new headset as soon as possible.

Since your address is in Norway, your headset still needs to be returned to the UK. We will send you a new headset after the headset arrived.

I’m sure it won’t take long for you to receive the new headset in three weeks.

BTW, we have shutdown the old customer service system. Thank you for your support.


@Matthew.Xu Thanks, I’ll log in and get that started.


Unfortunately, I have to tell you that Pimax has not solved the problem.
All housings seem to be cracking.

I have now got my FOURTH Pimax 5k +.

Yes you read correctly: MY FOURTH PIMAX

After only 3 days, the first cracks come!

Is is really incredible!
I am very angry about it.

We pay so much money and get scrap.

It is so sad.
Technically she is very good. The case is garbage!

best regards

Timo Hochhaus


My vote which was suppressed by PimaxUSA disovered that out of 188 Backer Pimaxes 120 got on ore more crack.
They ignored that and the cracking shlt is still the same…

Basically with that the reselling value of a Pimax is really low…


For anyone wanting to RMA there HMD, I would wait until the end of next month.
With any luck they will have a new case for the HMD by then.


Now that @Matthew.Xu is back let’s hope we won’t have someone who is so easily triggered to control the narrative. @Heliosurge


That’s really disappointing as I’ve been holding off on getting mine replaced. I have a crack that started forming around the mic hole and has progressed about 1/4th up the front. If they take longer than a year to fix this cracking for good, I sure hope they honor warranty past a year for the crack issue. Would be nice to just get the rugged business version as replacements, but that’s asking for much.


no it’s not, we should be entitled since the original case cracking issue surrounding the manufacturing/build/material process has not been resolved.


Yea, I wrote a topic here: HMD saga with QC and support

Same issue, I’ve had 4 x HMD’s now, each replacing the last. ALL have had cracks including the latest replacement after about 1h of use.

I explicitly asked them not to replace if they haven’t solved the issue, I was assured it was solved.

The results speak for themselves and I know I’m not the only one.

Extremely disappointing.


Exactly what should be happening.


Indeed this clearly points to the cases not cracking would be the minority it seems. Definitely needs clarification on this re occuring issue @Matthew.Xu.

Please ensure this is not treated improperly as PimaxUSA has in the past. No more Hyperbolic mislabeling situations as “False Claims, Allegations etc…”

These type of actions only makes pimax look bad.


It was clear from the beginning (to me at least) that the design+plastic thickness/quality was bad. No fine tuning the manufacturing process would’ve saved it. And didn’t, actually.

Edit. I’ll say something nice, so I won’t get banned.
The Pimax headset is a bit like Tesla cars: quality is crap, but it’s still kinda futuristic and cool.


It’s not clear (to me) that the problem is the plastic thickness/quality. Supposedly, it is an expensive grade of plastic (but who knows if that is actually true).

I think the problem is that the design for the entire front piece requires an infrared-transparent plastic, which imposes serious limitations in options. It’s brittle, so adding more thickness isn’t necessarily going to help (and will reduce the sensor sensitivity). I’ve had several TV remotes where the IR window has shattered (due to being repeatedly dropped) and the plastic was MUCH thicker than the Pimax headset.

An (imo ugly) design like the Vive (with IR windows) is a much sturdier product.

If Pimax wants to keep the current design aesthetic (which I really like), they may need to go with a 2-layer approach and bond a studier plastic to the inner surface, leaving windows for the IR sensors.


No matter what Pimax does. It can not stay the way it is now! It is an impertinence !!! Sorry Pimax! But that is not possible!


ich kann nur sagen das ich es bereue Pimax unterstützt zu haben…so viel geld für so ein Müll. Die bekommen es einfach nicht auf die Reihe…


@Timo.H1 @spamenigma

Apart from apologizing, I don’t know how to start explaining such a special situation.

As I told you before, we got it by testing and analyzing the failure of the cracking. Indeed, the biggest reason is the production process, the material itself does not have the problem of cracking. We have fine-tuned the internal structure of four angles through the improvement of production technology and almost eliminated this problem.

Back to the point, the company attaches great importance to your cases. We cannot tolerate such quality problems. Because no company would accept such a thing. Moreover, there have been the third time RMA and there are still quality problems.

As for Paul’s case, we already know your ticket. We will analyze your previous case. We also need your fault headset to analyze the cause and determine its production batch. If there are still have headsets in the same batch in overseas warehouses at present, we will recall them and analyze them.

For Timo’s case, please tell me the ticket number or SUPEN number you submitted. We will also analyze the cases you submitted before and the fault headset you received.

UPS China service will open tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I will send a return label to both of you immediately after the service opening and send the fault headset directly back to Shanghai. I will inform you of the results after analysis.

In order to ensure the machine quality of future replacement, we will suspend the shipment of overseas warehouses. Starting next month, all RMA headset will be sent directly from Shanghai.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the previous the third time RMA.

Yours sincerely,