Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



I think you still have some work todo here…!


This is exactly why I have not RMA’d my cracked headset.

In early days, I tired to explain (in this thread, I believe) how my HMD started cracking within two weeks of arriving. @PimaxUSA did not explicitly use the word ‘liar’ but that was the unambiguous message he conveyed.

@Matthew.Xu, I appreciate that Pimax is finally ‘owning’ this issue and stating that the cracking is unacceptable. You would have held on to a significant part of your credibility if you had done so earlier, but better late than never.

Now that Pimax is on-board, they must commit to backers that the warranty on their headsets will be extended until the cracking is solved with evidence by the community to back up the claim, to ensure that every backer is satisfied with the build quality of their headset.

And lastly, for the love of God, please keep @PimaxUSA out of the forum… his temper does more harm to your brand than good. (my $0.02).


Well spoken, especially your closing thought.


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Cases where the same issue happens repeatedly even after extensive testing prior to shipment has been a real puzzle and beyond unfortunate. We certainly apologize to anyone who has experienced this issue (even once and especially apologize to those who have been hammered by this repeatedly) and of course we’ll get this resolved for each person under warranty. Here is a little more detail as follows:

This is quite a tough issue to track as we receive and ship a lot of headsets and if a person had this issue before and we ship another one for some reason the odds have been far higher that it will happen again. Yet there are customers who have dozens of headsets that get extensive daily use where none exhibit the issue. In fact the vast majority of headsets through the repair service do not contain any housing defects.

The recent housings have some changes to some of the processes (like the cooling and deburring process) but didn’t contain any of the angular design changes or the new coating material. So two sets of changes one was manufacturing process related and one set includes the change to the angles and coating.

A process change recently was to track individual part batches so we can differentiate assemblage sets and prevent intermingling of parts moving forward (tracking batches and preventing intermingling was determined to be one of the causes). One of the issues beyond what Matthew pointed on the angles was the coating material application. That material has also been changed to a much improved material.

One thing that might explain why some people have repeated issues and most don’t is that the original material didn’t go though high levels of environmental temperature testing. It’s possible that at some point these headsets were exposed to temperatures or humidity levels that cause them to become vulnerable. The new coating is much more robust to various environmental exposures and the new mating joints change the stress points.

Moving forward it’s important we improve *both RMA process (making it more automated) and insure people receive editions with updated housings. We’ll make further announcements related to this and many other things on Sept 16.


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I’ve had my RMA’d headset crack again. From reading your post, it sounds like if I RMA it again, chances of it not cracking again are higher, because of coating process change?

The most uneasy aspect of all of this is that my current headset is great - has no dead pixels, and cracks (chips really) do not progress far (I’ve added Gaeffer’s tape and they stay under). And I would keep this HMD because it works great despite chip/crack in all four corners. But those chips kill reselling value, and when time comes to upgrade, I doubt anyone will be willing to pay anything for headset looking like this, even though as of 8/27/2019 there’s no better HMD available for sim racing, period.

edit: reading post again, so when the housings with new joints will be available? I should wait for sept 16 announcement, right?


So what is the approximate turnaround time for a RMA from Australia ? I have read a lot of horror stories about it taking months.


I had 2 headsets both are cracked, not really interested in waiting months for a return headset that is once again cracked. I had even bought one as a gift for a developer friend and didnt have time to return it so it was given with its flaws.


I would humbly recommend you wait until after Sept. 16th because we need to insure 100% that you receive the updated version.

Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation

Cheers Kevin I will wait


This is great news. Will be waiting for that announcement.


my 5k+ i got last month also has cracks.
i have not opened a ticket yet.
guess im gonna wait for september 16th.


I’ll wait too. Btw I hope it won’t take months to return to France…


I’ve just discovered several cracks in my Pimax 5K+ housing as well

originally backed for the 8K for $499 but downgraded to 5K+, feeling a bit underwhelmed by all this + where us who downgraded not supposed to get $100 extra for purchasing whatever pimax accesories ?
Really hoping that they cover every issue with at least the housing + much more for september 16th.

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I’ve added them to earlybackers group. Thanks


I thought that those replacement issues will be solved from the start of September and it proved to be wrong.

Need to wait another 3 weeks. :pensive:



This is for ALL Pimax owners !!!

The ticket system works again!


The Pimax team of Pimax must know how many headsets are affected by problems!

This is very important!