Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



what does that mean, I thought everyone with housing problems should wait until after 16 september to get a replacement from shanghei?


I was about to write the same thing :wink:

It’s only a few posts above this one:


Yes that’s right. We can write you a ticket and then wait


Detailed progress of modules, accessories and new products will be announced on September 16.

The replacement of housing cracking will be shipped from Shanghai at the beginning of next month.


thanks for the information, then the housing will be without cracks?
I want a hmd without cracks or other mistakes !!! regards ralf


We have strengthened the QA training and management of the factory, and in order to ensure quality, we have added a second QA test in Shanghai to ensure product quality and control.


I am very sure that it is the material.

If the case cracks in the middle of it … Then that can only be due to the material.


Thanks for the information


I suspect the material is too thin and the chemical composition of the plastic is not suitable. cracks are caused in my opinion by tensions. Maybe the plastic is too rigid?


I feel like temperature could have to do with it too. My 5K+ gets pretty warm to the touch after an hour or so of playing, so maybe that hasn’t been part of their QA testing in terms of the housing material.


that could be…


Ive had 3 hmd’s. All cracked just through normal use.
Backer ~600, backer ~6000 & a replacement a couple months or so after retail sales started.
I had a ticket open on my 8k which wasnt getting responses even though i sent about 4 messages on it, & was just closed after a few months.
After that i opened up my cracked 8k & broke the warranty seals, so i guess i wont get a replacement on that one now.

I havent even bothered opening a ticket on my last 5k.
Its a waste of time.

Pimax need to stop messing about with the current casing & plastic type.
Its looking embarassing for them that a supposedly premium hmd cracks in mass & they still cant solve it after 9 months.
Also its leaving a bitter taste in everybodys mouth.

Its obviosly flawed in many ways.
Go back to the drawing board.
Strenghen the design & go with a well established tough plastic like abs at least as an outer cover if nothing else.
None of the other hmd companies would keep making this mistake.

At this rate, we are heading towards the end of 12 month warranty with the same plastic flaws.
What happens then?

To be fair, the cracks arent a real problem & don’t affect my hmds but its annoying.
Like a scratch on a car


Is there someone who owns a Pimax and has been using it for several weeks or months and has NO cracks?



My headset is my 2nd and I have it for 6 months now. I have a very small chip out in the top left corner since first getting it but no cracks. Maybe because I always put on and take off the headset by holding it with both hands round the centre where the facemask is.


There are a few out there. One even bounced his off a window.


I had one of the second shipped batch that arrived in Dec 2018 (backer in the low 100 and something) - I’ve used it for hours long sessions in Elite Dangerous on a pretty much daily basis since then and not a single crack has formed. It even fell off my HMD stand to the floor once…

Unless you have the RMA stats from Pimax themselves, the true extent of cracking cases as a percentage of ownership is never going to be known, as you’ll never get a representative sample online.


True but we do know out of 10k headsets 1k+ has had issues.

This suggests the production process is difficult to control for strong repeatability for consistent quality. As this has demonstrated a 10%+ fall out rate; which for manufacturing is not good.

At least pimax is finally owning this as a real problem instead of trying to down play the issue aa was done in the past.


That makes me hope … I have 4 pieces and all 4 are torn after a short time.

I was afraid that it is everywhere.


As I said it could be how you put on and take off the headset, I don’t put any stress on the plastic at all.


I do not burden it either.
Be very careful with it.