Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



There is being careful, then there’s being ridiculous. I have be putting my Oculus CV1 on almost daily for 3 1/2 years. Adjusting and tightening often. My Pimax has chipped, cracked and separated a one corner with the same (even more careful given the situation) treatment starting in just after 3 weeks.
Pimax’s issue is not how you put on or take off the hmd. The plastic, the cooling and deburring have all be blamed by Pimax.
Sure, people should always respect and handle things as carefully as they can, but it is a gaming headset and you are going to put it on and take it off a lot as well as flail around in it. I have never hit my Pimax with the controllers or had it fall to the floor which I cannot say about my Rift. My Rift is flawless still. You can’t make a gaming device out of paper mache.
If the plastic is too thin along the seam that joints the front and rear housing parts then it warps under the heat of use. You can see it in the “fit and finish”. If the parts become misaligned enough then the flexing caused with constant fitting, adjusting and tightening will eventually cause cracking and chipping. You can “hear” the parts trying to line up while tightening it on your head. Sound = friction=wear. Eventually something has to give.
The plastic needs to fit well and be thick enough to not warp along the seam. When it doesn’t you get what we have occurring. Let’s face it, you need to tighten it to your head to keep the sweet spot aligned. It should not make crunch noises when doing so. My CV1 doesn’t, nor does my Vive and they are gen1. I expect more from gen2.


I’ve used my P5K from Amazon Japan 5+ times a week since late May 2019 and have zero cracks/failing joints/other physical defects.


I LOVE the 5k+ image quality and the overall experience except for the headstrap and now I just noticed its covered in cracks all around the edges. Is there the chance to get replacement plastics or maybe some kind of silicone case? At this rate it wont outlast my OG Pre-order vive. I’m not even treating it roughly, just average use for a few hours a day. I know there are q few cracked posts, did anyone get any kind of resolution?


Invited @Matthew.Xu.

Pimax is announcing some updates likely sometime next week (originally scheduled Sept 16th; but delayed due to hurricane Dorian). @PimaxUSA I believe is organising the announcement from US office & is why the Weather has caused delays.

New improved mfg process is being implemented to improve housing issues.


Hi Timo,

I appreciate your patience.

I would like to provide you with after-sales replacement service again.

Please tell me your ticket number and I will serve you in the customer service center system.

Thank you very much.


TICKETET : (#17019)

Re[2]: Pimax 5k+ 21/5000 for the third time cracks (#17019)



Supen-1059(which I apparently can no longer access?)

I haven’t had mine replaced for the cracks because of the lead time and the fact that I’m an 8K X backer so it’ll be sent back anyway, but it has gotten really, really bad.

At this point should I continue waiting for the 8K X or just send my 5K+ in for replacement?



I was told to wait by support untill they start manufacturer the new ones.


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Hi @Mistafreeze,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Since the previous system has been shut down, we have switched to the new helpdesk helpdesk.pimaxvr.com

Please visit the new helpdesk to create a ticket, and the service team will respond to you quickly.

Thank you for your patience and support.



Hi…i am a backer and have just noticed 2 small cracks on my 5k+. One each side. What would you suggest i do?


Well, I’ll give you a good plan. However, according to the after-sale process, please create a ticket. Thank you very much.


@SweViver, hello martin, my 5k + has from the beginning on cracks … has pimax now new housing? or a better material?


@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @SweViver

Could we get an official statement from Pimax, ragarding process for handling replacement of Pimax HMD’s with cracked housings ?

I for one am waiting on it, do not wish to send in my HMD if I do not get a new and improved product in return. Improved as in new casing that will not crack.
Along with this, it could be a good idea for Pimax to save shipping if they send the replacement with the new facefoam with noseflaps as promised to backers, even the Pimax modular audio strap as promised to backers could be sent along as well.
Ohh the options :slight_smile:

PimaxUSApimax coo


I would humbly recommend you wait until after Sept. 16th because we need to insure 100% that you receive the updated version.


Hi @Ralf @MrAhlefeld, sorry for the inconvenience. New housing headsets are now available but do not include a new comfort kit.

If you have a housing crack issue, please go to the helpdesk to create a ticket. The service team will help you.

Thank you.

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