Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



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Ah sorry. there must be some latency in odoo system.


@Doman.Chen, Ticket #18,477.
hello, here are the photos.

regards ralf


Ticket #18523 opened for 2x 3cm cracks (starting from bottom and going to front face). Photos provided.


i also opened a ticket to replace a hmd with cracked housing.
support asked to send photos which i did and asked where i live which i answered.
this was about a week ago.no reply since then.
Ticket #18404 @Matthew.Xu


I’ve got a crack now too :frowning:


+1, I have been waiting on creating a support ticket as some of the early replacements have suffered the same issue. I then saw @PimaxUSA post to wait for Pimax day, but this wasn’t addressed in the video, and I haven’t seen any official update on this.


Hi @Ralf @Korgen @IAMERROR

Sorry for my late response.

I have come back to work. I will handle your tickets after I respond to comments and PM’s from the forum today.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours sincerely,


Thank you



Thank you…


I think you forgot me :cold_sweat:


Hi Timo,

I apologize for the long time, as I just responded to you in my private message, since the UPS account is limited, I can not provide you with Europe’s return label now.

However, I will offer you another plan later today. I will try my best to complete the after-sales service for you within this week.

I am very grateful for your patience and support.

Yours sincerely,


It’s been 4 days Chinese hollydays ended and still no reply from the support team. I really don’t want a “vision” version as replacement, so I need this RMA to be complete ASAP please!!!

When I opened the ticket, I didn’t sign in the Service Center. Should I sign in and open a new ticket as member?


Hi Korgen, as a result of a long vacation, customer centers accumulate more tickets. We are speeding up the processing of tickets.
I have prioritized your ticket and the team will handle it as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support and patience.


I understand ^^ I know the comfort kit should release in around a month and I’m sure my prescription mod won’t fit with it. That’s why I’m afraid to receive this new version.
I know you’ll do your best :wink:


But isn’t the comfort kit an add-on/accessory even for the Vision model (at least when RMA-ing an older unit)?


AFAIK it is for now. But if every produced headset will come with comfort kit as it was mentionned, there’s a moment when replacement unit will come from this production. Logical deduction :wink:


Not sure about that but @PimaxUSA would know if that’s the plan… :+1::wink:


For RMA’s you will receive the same edition that entered into the RMA process.