Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)

So we cant forgo are $100 coupon and swap back to the 8K+ ?

Wait, so you guys keep some old headsets around for the sake of RMA? I will also need to RMA my unit soon (waiting for Matthew on that) and was hoping I would at least get one with the newer housing? There will be a point where every new headset will have the vision kit installed, no? What then?

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Mine had a crack for a while now but I noticed another one recently.
Not sure if it will continue cracking but is this 100$ cracking voucher still effective? Didnt know about that

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Yes, but it’s said to have improved housings on latest revisions.

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Yes, but I don’t remember who it was.
Believe it was in this thread though.

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Agreed… :grin:

Not sure about the forum software, but maybe @Heliosurge knows (or You could check the source in a browser by right clicking - view source). I’m on the mobile right now… :wink:

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He’s a moderator, yes… :wink:

He might also remember who it was who posted that he received a headset with an improved housing (felt thicker and slightly heavier).

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Helio (Dan) isn’t an employee. He’s a volunteer… :wink:

Yeah, saw that and I agree.

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@Derelict. It seems I actually used the “bookmark” feature of the Forum as I thought it might be a useful post… :wink:

My headset was sent and arrived a week ago to the adress you gave me, and I’m still waiting for you to send back a new unit. How long should it take?

Hi Korgen, We have some trouble recently. Almost 20 units of the after-sales headset sent from Shanghai to other countries have been charged import tax and VAT by the customs.
As a result, many people find me to help them reimburse the import tax or VAT. Obviously, I can’t reimburse this money. So, we are actively looking for ways to avoid it.
I am sorry for this situation.


I had the same problem with the unit I won during the contest a few months ago. Because of it, I may seize Fedex in court…

Europe is known to protect consumers, there must be a form for customs declarations in this case.
Some carriers like Fedex are a real problem: they pay customs taxes without knowing if they have the right or not (and don’t warn customers) and 2 weeks after they charge customers (taxes + fees).

I hope a solution will be find very very soon, I didn’t sign to wait weeks and weeks.


Hi @Korgen Please don’t worry, I am here. The team is working hard on it. We found another overseas warehouse in Germany. We need to deal with the impact of Brexit. We shipped out a batch of new housing headset yesterday. Thank you.


That’s great news! :+1::wink:


A German based European service center would be great, makes RMA alot easier for us europeans :+1: and we Will not risk having to pay customs and import taxes twice :grinning:


Can anyone determine if this will turn into cracks or not?

As long as it looks like scratches, to the touch - everything is smooth, not felt at all.
And this is noticeable only at a certain angle and light.




And so - it is not visible.


Is there anything to worry about?

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Official Pimax comments on the issue of cracked housing, improved manufacturing and calibration process, improved quality assurance testing phase and improved RMA process

Answer to the question: What calibration?

After late August internal device manufacturing process was improved. As for the improved housing, models containing improved housing reportedly started shipping on the 1st September or September 16th, having regard to the below two posts:

This was over a month ago, are RMAs still not coming from the Shanghai office? @PimaxUSA Why is this still happening when @Timo.H1 's above RMA request has been made after 16th September? Economy shipping takes 2-4 weeks from China to the US, and 28 days before the 25th of October is the 28th of September.

16th September-25th October is 6-8 weeks after the date given for RMA of new casing improvements would occur on the 1st-16th September.

@Matthew.Xu Will Pimax deliver an official reply in response to why this cracked housing issue continues to occur and affect replacement RMA units for RMA requests made post 16th September?
Can this be clarified and will Pimax indicate the status of stocking other warehouses besides the Shanghai office with the models containing improved housing and calibration referred to above?

An official response on this issue @Timo.H1 is reportedly experiencing with his replacement RMA headsets received post 16th September is required, as the implications of the issue of cracked housing on RMA replacement devices occuring post September 16 2019 are broad reaching and affect many consumers, who rightly deserve an explanation or an official statement on the issue, with respect to the fact this issue contradicts the information which was provided before.

Which in summary was that post Sept 1-Sept 16th, the issues of cracked plastic housing were resolved and would not affect future produced models or RMAs post September 16 as the manufacturing process behind the plastic housing and internal calibration had supposedly improved and had supposedly addressed the issue of cracked housing. All future RMA requests made post Sept. 16th oughy to have had the improved housing and were supposed to be sent out from Shanghai.

Sir, Calm down. Please rest assured that I will give you an explanation later. Thank you.

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I’m quite calm about this issue, thank you for your consideration towards my feelings - just ensuring an official reply will be given to address the broad reaching implications of the issue and so the issue is not ignored, as this issue should not be recurring after Sept. 16th having regard to the official comments about improved casings having resolved the issue.


The issue is not being ignored. Just maybe not solved entirely likely due to logistics of existing stock. What is evident is that the housing issue prior was a much greater deal than was originally believed due to the repeatability experienced by those who have gone through multiple replacements.

On Logistics side if there are still units in stock prior to the manufacturing changes. It increases probability of earlier produced headsets to ship out after being generally checked over as a pass. As most know the cracks usually appear over a varying amount of time. Some are quite progressive while some like my 8k(very first batch) experience more of a minor small crack that has expanded any further than first noticed.

This suggests that earlier batches can have housings that may not experience cracks at all but that repeatability is not as stable as targetted resulting in exploring new process/design & new QA methodes of verifying. Ultimately the new process will take time to verify if changes made are effective to meet the QA objective.