Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)

@PimaxUSA since you liked the above post, but have not left any brief comment saying you will investigate the issue within the last hour since the above post was made, are we to assume you refuse to comment on the tag I left you only a couple pages above in this thread to address the outstanding questions behind this situation?

Can we at least get an indication that this issue has been noted and an official reply will be given after the issue is investigated if you are unsure why this issue continues to reccur and is still not addressed if he did in fact receive the newer model from Shanghai as was indicated all future RMA requests post September 16 2019 would receive?
Maybe this was a one off issue of older stock being sent to @Timo.H1, but I think many would like to know.

I have no idea why would someone want to discuss with you issues from a 3rd person. This is not your personal ticket or chat, not every post on this forum must be answered or seriously concerned.

p.s. i have 5k+ and it felt down couple times with no cracks on it. So its a real wonder how could someone brake 5 headsets and keep complain about it. Maybe he is doing this intentionaly? Anyway - this or any other particular case is not something that pimax should talk about in this thread, imho.


Of course its not the appropriate forum to advance a matter better dealt with on the private ticket system rather than on the public forum (I was not suggesting that), however an official response on this issue is required as the implications of the above issue are broad reaching and affect many consumers, who rightly deserve an explanation or an official statement on the issue, with respect to the fact this issue contradicts the information which was provided before.

Which in summary was that post Sept 1-Sept 16th, the issues of cracked plastic housing were resolved and would not affect future produced models or RMAs post September 16 as the manufacturing process behind the plastic housing and internal calibration had supposedly improved and had supposedly addressed the issue of cracked housing. All future RMA requests made post Sept. 16th oughy to have had the improved housing and were supposed to be sent out from Shanghai.

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Thank you for indicating that an official response will be provided later on the issue @Matthew.Xu I will await to hear a reply to address why the issue is still reocurring after Sept 16th, hopefully in the next week.


I have cracks in my Pimax 8K housing. Im backer number 2,830. I opened a ticket, its # 19,209.

@Matthew.Xu, @PimaxUSA

Thank you

P1020596 P1020597

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Done, ticket #19207.

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I keep a photo diary of my new Pimax!
I received the Pimax 7-8 days ago.
Unfortunately, the first problems come after the 2 day!
It was only a small bump (Did he have RED marked in the picture)

It is the NEW case! It was shipped directly from china (pimax).

It is now my 5 or 6 pimax with cracks.

Here everyone can look at the photos.
It is a photo diary!

I will try to take pictures every day!
Anyone who wants to can pursue it!

I use the pimax 5k plus 1 to 3 hours every day.

here the link:


@Matthew.Xu Is there any ETA of when we can receive our replacement headset? (no idea how long it can take to ship from China to Germany)

Opened a ticket to RMA my Pimax 5K+ for cracked housing (with pictures attached). Having heard nothing a week later, I contacted Pimax USA by phone and gave them the ticket number. The next day they emailed me a UPS shipping label. This was 2 weeks ago on Friday. I shipped it to them that day. On the next Tues they got it (Toronto to Florida). 3 days later (Friday) I got an email confirming approval and a return tracking#. They sent me another headset the next Monday (this week). I got the replacement today.
2 week turnaround. This part is the impressive part and it is very impressive.

Now for the annoyance. Because they didn’t indicate it was an RMA return on the shipping details UPS attached $62.89 tax and brokerage to it. Now I will have to see how long it takes to get my money back.

The sad part is, you would think Pimax NA support would have the understanding that the shipping info needs to indicate that this is not a purchase but and “RMA return”. If they had done this right there would have been no fee. it’s not like it’s their first RMA. I emailed them this morning in hopes I could get them to send UPS the corrected document info,as UPS would then have removed the charges, but this wasn’t accomplished.

The replacement if fine. As good in panels as my old one and I loved them. The housing doesn’t appear to have issues at this time (here’s hoping), The lenses are good. After pairing my Wands, I was good to go.

I would have rated this 10 out of 10 had they not screwed the pooch on the paper work. Beyond that great service.

I would point out that couriers travel the 75 Interstate every day from Buffalo to Florida so some of speed is due to that advantage. They usually make the run in a day or so.



I have been waiting more than a week now to get a return label.
Still don’t have one.what is going on with this?Ticket #18404

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Its been a week since i opened my ticket and I havnt heard dick either. Ticket # 19,209


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good luck :roll_eyes:

Because I’m replying with the forum these three days, and I don’t have more time to reply after-sales tickets.
I will deal with your ticket in time after I replied to the forum.
Thank you for your patience.

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The team will reply to you soon. Thank you.

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You can not send me a return label for almost 2 weeks because you have to reply to the forums for 3 days?
How much longer do i have to wait?

@Matthew.Xu Same here, my old headset arrived 3 weeks ago and nothing except “I will send the new headset to you soon”. (ticket #18523)

No offense, I’m not so sure some replys to the forum should be a priority over RMA processes. For exemple these 3 days I see you have to repeat the same answer: wait for updates about upgrade plans, $100 wireless coupon is only for Wireless (sait 3x and 2x in the same discussion). I know that this job takes time, I’ve been Community Manager for 10ish years before doing staff management (that’s why I sympathize), but many times it’s better to let people use their brain and do some research :wink:

Hello I’m Backer. I use now for 3 days finally my headset 5k + and must after these 3 days already many cracks and flaking of the case notice. I would like an exchange of the goods. The case simply dissolves after such a short time without me dropping it. How can that be? Please replace my headset housing. Please send me information on how to return the headset. Respectively. Is it possible that you send me a defect-free device and I send them back to mine?
Had someone also this problems? I have now my new controllers and
use now my headset. The last month it is in the box and not toucht. I can not understand how that can be true.

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Contact the support desk with pictures to arrange an rma.

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Yes the housing issue may singlehandedly be their biggest downfall. Unbelievable they let version 1 out the door. Now reaching the warranty deadline will force an influx at the same time attempting new product release. Sad affairs, hope they pull it off. I truly want to see them achieve so much more. I am however not willing to throw more cash their way yet. If index had only solved SDE, I would have moved on from hopes for pimax. Was nice to see version 1 VR in 2016 but now in 2020 not looking for 2.0. Lets hope things progress faster in the next four years.