Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



open a ticket I will arrange the replacements


Well my 5k+ now has a very small crack on the top of my headset . I will keep a close eye on it to see if it gets worse . I struggled to take a decent pic .


Here no cracks so far, though I’ve used the headset probably less than 10 hours… :shushing_face: :lying_face:


I don’t have lighthouse tracking yet But I have reinforced my pimax
With strong black gaff tape Around all the bottom edges and corners
And when I adjusted I try not to touch those specific corners . Dang.
Wish they all could be RE Versions.


Truth the type of cracks folks are receiving is something that should never happen. What is concerning is that it is still happening.

Going by what @pimaxusa said they are still having trouble controlling the process for repeatability likely due to rushing the process. But time will tell. Including how rugged edition stands up.

Those whom switched to BE are likely only receiving Oled screens vs the “rugged housings” as it was said to cost upward of $500 more vs the +$100 over the 8k.(which seems high for oled pentile swap vs og kickstarter).


It may be caused by the plastic cooling as PimaxUSA says but that is not the only issue. The design shape introduces severe stress risers due to the sharp angled edges.


would you help to open a sup and our technical engineer will check the detail issue and provide you a solution


I will arrange the replacement,would you like open an sup, so that we could tracking more effectively




It is everywhere:


My 5K+ has started to crack, but I am waiting to see if they do anything about a fix first before I return it, I dont want the replacement to have the same problem.


Mine has developed a crack on the top left corner. A support ticket is now opened. What a shame…, eveything else is good


Your ticket will be answered quickly and your question will be resolved properly.

btw, today is Friday and service desk might can not reply on time in 2 days


I’m thankful for jumping on the kickstarter and that I’ve been enjoying the 5k for two months now. The experience is awesome. I love the experience when I’m playing.

But, Pimax, oh, Pimax. As a company you’ve made so many face palm mistakes and obvious “no, ffs, don’t do THAT” things that I lost count long ago. It’s actually fascinating! I mean, wow, I can’t even wrap my head around it. You’re like an idiot savant or something even more spectacular.
The plastic casing thing here is a perfect example. As soon as I laid my hands on it I felt how porous and cheap it was. It feels like an ice cream cone. Of fckng course it cracks!
And you just sent it to thousands and thousands of backers and customers. (you even updated the casing, how the bloody hell was the first one?) You SHOULD’VE realized there was going to be thousands of RMA’s that you would lose a lot of money and reputation from.
This is probably the first and last hmd I’ll ever buy from you. As soon as I have an alternative, I’m done with you.
I hope you get your sh1t together and receive praises and respect from all your customers some day.
Take this as constructive criticism ventilated from a traumatized and frustrated backer that actually wishes the very best to you.


Actually, my understanding is that the plastic is not cheap and it’s intentionally thin, so infrared light can pass through to the sensors inside. That limits the choice of plastics a great deal. Pimax apparently wanted to avoid the dimpled look of the HTC Vive. I do like the styling (a lot), but it’s not as sturdy as I had hoped.

Clearly, it’s been a decision fraught with issues.

On a personal note, my 8K seems to have a tiny crack starting and I’ve been super-extra-careful with mine. If it gets worse, I may need to ask for a replacement.


That is no excuse for the thin casing, the dimples could be on the inside to make the plastic thinner were the sensors are and still have the flat finnish on the out side and have a thicker case.


Mine developed a crack on the corner 10 days after delivery, otherwise a shame because after all the waiting for it now I have to consider returning it maybe for one with other known issues.


Pimax definitely has the best looking HMD’s on the market. Futuristic and sci fi IMO.


Weirdly still no cracking here, 5k+, I’ve step on it, sit on it, kicked it, hit it with the wands and even played with it. It’s a bit flimsy tho.


I know it’s intentionally thin because of the sensors but that is not a reason to mold the entire casing that thin just for the look.

Ruggedized edition casing (curious how that’s designed) should be used on all versions from now on to minimize a total nightmare scenario for Pimax.


It really depends if you recall the leaked drop test it does look like standard casing should be holding up much better.

Plastics can be a bit tricky. Resin quality & temp consistenncies need to be bang on.