Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Generally people without issues don’t post about not having them. Unless they’re in a review, then they might.


The cracks on mine are getting worse and I do nothing but baby this thing. I have tried to open a ticket at the pimax website and it says my login is invalid, which its not. So I created a new account, got a confirmation email and then tried again to log in on that confirmed info and still get a login error. Unbelievable.
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Indeed it’s often easy to find unhappy people. Happy folk are often quiet because they are content. My old inet provider was like that; if looked at reviews you might think the service was crap; whem in reality better than the 2 main big providers here.


That is bad indeed. …


Yes, very disapointing.

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What is the RMA procedure, and how long is the turn around?


Just wanted to post to say that I received my 5k in December and so far no cracks after a ton of use. Of course now that I posted this I will probably get a crack! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am afraid once I receive the new one, that one would crack as well…

Why not to allow KS pledgers/preordered people as an option to pay a little less like $249 or 299 and exchange their HMDs with this new RE models.

Later Pimax may refurbish exchanged hmds and sell them at a discount.


Well if you go by pimaxusa it is likely if they did offer such probably $300 to $500 to upgrade to RE.


As a pledger, I am ready to pay 300 or even 400, but 500 would be a little too much. But with a wider IPD range support I would definitely switch to RE version.

I hope they do it, RE looks really good.


Mine chipped in lower right corner few weeks ago so i applied this tape to susceptible edges:

It’s about 1 mm thick and easy to apply.

I don’t know how it looks now under tape and if there are any new cracks developing but it does give me more confidence at least.


It really depends on what the RE warranty is. & what extras it might have. If for example one could have the Tech3 film applied. Might be worth it.

For the extra $500 if that includes a 5 year warrenty might be worth it.


Its hilarious to see all of the tape and foam patching and jury rigging that people have done to hold together or make more comfortable or see better in their state of the art Pimax. And then, the RE version is revealed as a final ironic twist.


Your not obscuring any of the sensors?


I’m using Nolo for now. I’ll worry about that when i get lighthouse stations, either Pimax or Vive.


I would check the 3d printable case or ask @sjefdeklerk if your coving tracking sensors.


Look like you have covered up about 4 of the sensors, by the way the sensor have nothing to do with hand controllers, they are there to track the head set.


i discovered pretty much the same yesterday on the left upper corner
corner chiped and crack lengthening to the front
and as i already knew about the problem i handled the unit with maximum care, got it less then a month ago and used it not very often

as long as its not preventing the use of the unit and pimax has no solution for this (newer strengthened housing) its kind of waste of time to open a ticket, i’m not eager to wait 4-6 weeks for a new HMD that will have the same problem
kind of shame pimax is blocked with such trivial things and that even the 2nd gen of the housing has still the same problems as the first ones sweviver and the other testers got

its a nice idea to use a ir transparent material but as it seems way to brittle, it might be a better choice to use a more softer/flexible material and have wholes for the sensors (like the vive does)


Absolutely agree with your assessment!

I had opened a ticket and was ready to ship my Pimax 5k+ to UK warehouse however, except PimaxUSA’s claims, this is issue looks common.

Pimax needs to address this…


Well I hoped that Pimax had sorted the cracking out at least on the RE, but looking at voodooDE video it still looks like it could have problems, lets hope this is just because its a prototype.


Actually the RE model shown was dropped from 8 ft onto concrete floor by our clumsy @PimaxUSA xD

As he told in the interview with mrtv and vodoo.
He slipped it and it fell to the concrete floor. Then it bounced up again, but he was unable to grab it properly and it fell down once more :slight_smile:

Considering that i’m content xD