Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)




Same happened to me with the Rift! It still works rock solid.

Looks like for wider FOV like Pimax, VR technology should really need a revolution with wider aspect ratio panels, better lenses and at the same time keep the form factor, not plastic molding materials etc as compact as possible.

Anyways, VR is fun but expensive…


Ah but if you recall the leaked drop test video was around 8ft for non RE pimax & pimaxusa is not 8ft tall. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Why don’t you drop test your own non RE Pimax from 8ft at some stairs and show us your video? :sunglasses:


Because unlike the leaked pimax test video; I can’t just grab an extra out of one of the boxes set to ship.

If you ship me yours; will pay shipping both ways & do a drop vid test. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Ok I will be brave here.

Why not just to make that video for all of us to prove your point?

I am really willing to ship my perfect!? Pimax 5k+ (it had no drops whatsoever) to Canada right away with no additional cost from your part :sunglasses:


It wasn’t my point. Pimax had a leaked video dropping a headset from 1.3m to 2m+? Without cracking? The cracks folks have been experiencing are occuring even with careful handling. Pimax already demoed a drop test on non RE model.

Now was kevin on a ladder to accidently drop it from 8ft?

Cell phones are tested from drop tests & in truth might be fine depending on how they land. As have had friends drop a phone from 3 to 4ft & it shattered the screen.

Where yours is chipped out seems to be common among the flawed front housinh panel. The RE has a chip in the front from an accidental 8ft fall where it appears to have landed mostly flat. A good test would be to drop it on the corner where non RE are cracking.


I think the cracks might not appear in a new headset, chemical stuff. Still no cracking here tho.
@PMXskciVR There seems to be quite a scratch in your headset too…

Link to the drop test video:


This to me looks like the factory that makes the cases and they are trying to prove that the case dose not crack, BUT it also looks like its an empty case.


Does appear to be a full assembly as has lenses(think that’s the modul line)


I think Sean is one of those testers (my guess)


And Kevin mentioned propietary blend plastic.


Curious as to why you chose white tape, and double sided? I have applied black gaffers tape to mine on the sharp corners only.


Yeah, I wondered about that too. I figured it was something that was laying around the house. I’ve been thinking about using black electrical tape on the corners of mine. I’m not sure I want to do that though, since I’d rather not hide any developing cracks, while it’s still under warranty.


I’ve decided to lay a thin strip of tape only where a crack has developed, to stabilize it. If it grows beyond the tape edge then I will consider an RMA. The only crack I have right now is exactly in the same spot as most others with this issue, the left corner. The gaffer’s tape applies better than electrical and it’s a matt finish, not gloss like electrical



It was handy and has some thickness with nice rubbery feel. Black one sided would be better of course.


I was just curious, whatever works for you is all good :+1:


I thought that was from them dropping it from something like 6 feet onto a concrete floor. Or am I thinking of something else.


Mine too has started to crack today on the opposite diagonal corners. Looks like yours but somewhat smaller. I have re-enforced with some duct tape for now but will look to RMA when US warehouse is fully up and servicing as well as problem is truly solved @PimaxUSA.

I was a last day backer and received my Pimax March5. My biggest fear is a replacement won’t have as good panels. Mine are just perfect including blacks.


A couple weeks in & there goes the 8k too.
Just sent my 5k back because of cracks.
This pledge was one of the very last too & ive done about 30 hours on this headset sat in a sim rig on elite.
No knocks other than normally picking up & putting down the headset.

Supen 3020 :frowning: