Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



sorry for late response. could you send me a PM on your login mail? We will arrange the replacements right now.


Do you think pimax will consider sending out just the ruggedised front casing when available to anyone with cracks?
Obviously they would have to be confident & prepared to take on the task of fitting it themselves.
It would save the postage cost & waiting time & hopefully solve the issue once & for all.
I dont want to have to rma another headset but i also dont want to have to live with cracks & holes on the corners or have to patch it up with tape.
I wouldnt mind if it was around a year old but its only been a couple weeks.


Yes.We will do that if the users would like to fit it themselves.


I am interested in this offer. The last thing I want to do is to RMA my cracked headset and wait a month for the new one and then to findout the new one has a crack or other issues. I would like to see a teardown vid of the process first though as a guide.

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Thats great news.
I would be happy to fit my own casing


I am interested also, I would want to see a few photos of the teardown / instructions before I commit to it, but I think I would be comfortable doing that myself.


I want the RE version case as a fix for my case cracks.

When can you send it?


@sjefdeklerk did a teardown on the 5k+.
If you have experience with assembling & disassembling electronics like mobile phones etc… then this wont be any problem for you.
Ive repaired a lot of phones, tablets , laptops etc in my time so im very confident with this.
If you are not good with this sort of thing i would advise against it as there will be small components & ribbon cables to disconnect/reconnect, remove & refit on the new cover which could easily become damaged if you are too heavy handed.
Its not rocket science but you have to be careful.

I believe from the photos its 4 screws, 2 ribbon cables then the removal & refitting of the sensors, led & a small circuit board


Hi jTeller,open a sup please, we would provide the replacements


Interested too for a ruggedised front case. I have got cracks on my headest, and I don’t want a new one with the same cracking issues.
@mozi have you got an ETA for it?


There is no scratch on my hmd, except the upper left part that has a hole, this is due to tension and crack. There had been no drops or whatsoever…


Wow that is really good news. Mozi pls inform us about any news on this issue as most of us would be ready to do this on their own.

Another option can be sending it to you for RMA and for a reasonable price you can upgrade the new RE case from the cracked one.

Hope one of these option become available soon.


I wouldn’t recommend RMAing yet until they’ve fully fixed this issue. I just received my replacement headset and it has cracks on the casing right out of the box.

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edit - helio, thanks for adding dallas and mozi. I currently have a PM with doman for this right now so we’ll see how it goes.


noticed this today :frowning:


I think they need to reinforce the front casing OR make it thinker , if you tap the back casing on the top of the HMD buy the power button with your finger and finger nail its sounds stronger and quite solid, but if you tap the front casing on the top of the casing you will hear it sound thinner and sub par compered to the back half of the casing.


i was offered $100 voucher to “accept” the cracks? not sure what the point of having vouchers for other pimax stuff is worth anything when the main headset is falling apart.


Agreed $100 for a defective housing crack like that is definitely a :-1:.

On the plus if @mozi understood the request. They might consider sending diy backers the Ruggedized front housing.

As it seems ti be the front housing experiencing all the cracks. Pimax should just replace using the ruggedized version for the front housing.

To me imho the front housing has too many structural issues in the consumer version. Imho it is quite clear this housing issue is not ancedotal & will continue to be a huge expense to pimax as replacements are failing.

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a diy housing would be the best solution but it would need to contain very concise instructions and tools.


Well @sjefdeklerk has already produced in depth tear down & by the looks front housing isn’t crazy hard. But if one felt uncomfortable paying a cell repair shop to swap say $20? Would be easy enough.


Just an fyi I have recently been offered by Pimax the ruggedized case because of a crack on my 5K, although their engineer later qualified that it is very difficult for anyone without hands on experience disassembling/repairing devices like phones etc. to do without risk of damage or big headaches.