Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Indeed while sj’s picks are quite good a video as well would be good


@mozi I have also received an offer for a $100 voucher to accept the cracks in lieu of RMA, but I am reluctant for reasons already stated above.

I am an Electrical Engineer, by trade, and feel confident in my ‘surgical abilities’, but could you please elaborate on the degree of difficulty installing the more rugged case so that I (we) can make an informed decision?

Thank you.


Another early backer with a cracked headset. Thought I’d look today as having a scout through the forum and this post pops up. Lucky really as otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed til the crack (hole?!) spread. I haven’t even played a game with this thing yet as I’m waiting on the lighthouses and controllers (along with everything else!). It’s been on and off my head perhaps 3 times (it’s proper uncomfortable isn’t it!). Definitely won’t be accepting a $100 voucher… I seem to have enough of those already with nothing to spend them on!


Mine had developed a crack on the LHS upper corner of the front casing of which I documented but decided to sit on to allow others to get their headsets before RMA.

Now I have noticed a small crack forming on the LHS underside of the Front Case where the screw is.

I would be very interested in just having a new Front Housing shipped to me rather than RMA the whole headset. I have been building computers and repairing Laptops and Phones so I am no stranger to delving into the repair myself. It would also save resources at Pimax going this route. If one can upgrade the Front housing with the new stronger version - I would be keen. What would be needed to do such a task over the standard Front Housing?


@sjefdeklerk did a teardown. Have to look. But think front housing if mem serves is some screws & a couple of ribbon cables?


I finally sent one of mine in for an rma as they said they have stock to send out from hong kong. They received it last thursday confirmed.
My supen is still marked as ‘waiting for hmd return’
Ive chased this twice & have been ignored

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


Yeah that doesn’t sound good added pokes to your post.


Please check out your private message


Just check my pimax over and there is a second crack appearing, so there is one on the top corner and the second one is appearing on the bottom corner on the same side, My audio jack socket is also starting to play up as well. Is Pimax going to release info on this problem and also the IPD problem. I am waiting to see an update before sending mine back.


All this doesn’t sound good. Maybe better to stop producing the normal version completely.


Aaaand count me in! Dreaded left upper hand corner started to crack. Would definitely RMA mine, as it also has stuck pixel. However, exchanging right now makes little sense, we need different casing. I also wonder if we would be given option to exchange for more expensive devices (with extra payment of course), I am curious how OLED versions will turn out.

If I was involved in the design, I would’ve never opted for thinner plastic just for the sake of the looks. I think slightly thicker/flexible plastic with openings for the IR sensors would’ve been better solution.

Does anyone knows how long is the warranty? @dallas.hao ?


May I ask you if you are using Vive Lighthouses? I am wondering if Gaff Tape will interfere with IR.


Agreed they could have pocketed the areas where tracking sensors are instead of thinning the plastic. Oddly though it can handle drops well by leaked drop test video. But seems to not handle careful handling. At least not the front casing. The front needs upgrading.


I am yes, only the one and no interference as I have only a small strip of tape on one side about 3/8" by 1" long.


from @sjefdeklerk teardown it looks like four screws and one ribbon cable to remove the front panel…

i would certainly be willing to try replacing the front panel.

@Sean.Huang please can you consider sending out replacement front panels instead of a $100 voucher?

please consider that if we do not replace the front panel then any resale price is drastically reduced.

come on pimax, please do the right thing :smiley:


This ^^

@Dallas.Hao, @mozi, @PimaxVR, @Pimax-Support, @PimaxUSA, anybody? Can we get an official response on this?

Providing this option would be a win-win.


Front panel shines through more in infrared light.


We need this option I agree! Hear us Pimax!


My cracked headset has been returned & signed for a full 7 days ago now.
My ticket status is still set as waiting for return hmd.
My 3 comments on my ticket in the last week all ignored.
@Dallas.Hao you said you would chase it up & still nothing.
Can i get an acknowledgenent or answer about the status please or is customer service taking a nosedive?


I’m in exact same boat. My headset was returned and signed for on March 27th. No update on the replacement. [Supen 2908 and 2706]. @mozi, @MichaelWang could I get a tracking number?