Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



Now noticing a hairline crack on the main housing, top just to the right of the center head strap on the curved area. From front to rear of that section. Will keep an eye on it and if it worsens then document it with photos. But this is a first as it being the main housing plastic not the Front housing where the sensors are. :disappointed:

On a positive note, the new PiTool Beta looks promising. Only played with Brightness and Contrast Sliders with the Pimax Logo but changes to the logo are noticeable. :+1:


Mine is starting to crack in the exact same spot as yours… 2-3 cm long…, nothing on the front yet… HMD barely used :frowning: My guess the area is to weak to withstand the forces applied when adjusting the headstrap\mounting the HMD. I have not opened a SUPEN on this yet as it has no other issues, what a shame…


My brothers 5K+ which he’s letting me use while I wait for my XR as he knows I’m a VR NUT has developed cracks in all four edges, with a small piece falling out of one of them, in 3 weeks of very careful use…
Now I’m going to have to tell him and help him RMA it whats going on Pimax seems this problem is everywhere he was a very late backer in the 6000’s are we all getting replacement covers???

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apparently is a very small percentage :roll_eyes:


As much as I would like to believe that. Unfortunately I think were past that as some pre orders are reporting in as well. :nerd_face:


Yeah I am not planning on sending mine back until we are certain the problem is solved . The cracks don’t affect the performance of the headset so I am not in any hurry .


I can report that I found a crack on my headset today. I’ve had the headset for 2 months now so it wasn’t one of the newer headsets. Guess it was finally time for it to crack. So yet another headset cracking.

The crack is on the front panel as well. It is in the bottom corner on the side that does not have the audio jack.


For me the same pre-orderer: p1103 After 2 weeks… It’s something like that. :disappointed_relieved::sob:

Pimax… Help plz @mozi


After reading the above, I’ve recalled my HMD and asked the courier to return it back to me for two reasons:
1- Cannot afford to stay 2-3 weeks without HMD (Project development)
2- Confidence levels low in terms of issue re-occurrence -Some backers have reported that the replacement HMD still have issues.


pimax seem to have two methods of supporting this issue:

  1. claim this is your fault cos they haven’t seen a crack like that before
  2. offer some imaginary $100 coupon to “accept” the cracks

but take comfort that this is only a very small number, an isolated case.
even tho it has been happening since the fist backer shipments (cough)


To be fair to Pimax, they did not quibble and agreed to either get $100 or replace the HMD. The issue is that I’ll need to wait 2-3 weeks to get another . My concern is not only the wait but also the possibility of getting the same issues. I thought they said that they had enough units in UK to attend any replacement but it seems that this isn’t the case :frowning:


I would not accept $100 refund at all, and I would not return the Pimax, unless Pimax resolve this issue with a better casing like their RE model!

This option should be available to pledgers and preorders!

Either via RMA, or DIY way.


I’ve asked Pimax to send me a replacement before I return my HMD. This is because I need a HMD hence the 2-3 weeks is not viable. This used to happen in the past and for some reason they sadly stopped offering this service to backers. I trusted Pimax with my money for a long time and sad to see that they somehow don’t trust backers. If they are afraid of backers not sending the old HMD back, they can still leverage the controllers and base stations - which I’m yet to receive when ready. They can also add to that the $100 provided when swapping from 8K to 5K.

If their claim of small ARM numbers is real, they can certainly afford to return to this service to make up for all the pain backers are enduring . @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao please remember that we are backers so the least is to help with these requests otherwise I’m happy to send back if you can guarantee a replacement within a week


They shouldn’t ask people to pay for an “upgraded” RE casing. It should be a free to everyone that has crack issues as a simple sorry for sending you cheap junk.

Pimax you guys are feeding the “china made” is crap ideology.


I don’t think anyone is thinking should have to pay to have a defect fixed. I personally agree that this needs to have a solution even if it means the front housing uses the same as the RE version as the consumer version is seemingly having too many failures with cracking.


My pimax that I have kept in a soft bag and used for seated only games has a crack on the case. Has there been any traction as to how they are handling this? I can’t imagine RMAing it to get the same case design back and have it crack again…


I RMAd mine due to a cracked housing. The replacement has arrived and gone straight on eBay. The case design is flawed.


Unfortunately, I fear that the Pimax can not deliver the case better. Pimax will definitely not build a new case. The material is just too thin. It will break and tear again and again. I think it’s terrible that such a great glasses cracks. It is an absolute disaster. Pimax must necessarily improve the housing. Exchange does not make sense otherwise. The danger is very high that their new glasses get more cracks or have other problems. That’s just not allowed to be. If the customer ordered a pair of glasses, then they should not just start to tear. PIMAX please change that and send us new glasses please! We also paid a lot of money and that’s not allowed to happen!


Im hoping a soloution is found soon as i started 4 months ago with 1 little corner cracked,but held of the offered rma as replacement was a nightmare at that stage.Now my headset is developing cracks in other places(was in the first 100 sent)