How can i change my Pimax 4K Resolution? it is 1440x2560p


How can i change my Pimax 4K Resolution it is 1440x2560p why? I can see the resolution in only Custom Resolution Utility 1.4.1 by ToastyX And name is Pimax P1 not Pimax 4K why? but it is writing 4K on my VR
Is not it Must be 1920x2160p? And my Pimax isn’t clearly view? it is doing vertigo to me.


Pimax p4k accepts 1080p (low spec mode) & 1440p (2560x1440) input & upscales to 2160p (3840x2160) this is a limitation from using hdmi 1.4.


ok what can i do? for it


Games & programs scale from 1440p to 2160p. This is why the 4k model has very little sde. Essentially watch movies & play seated experiences.

Otherwise not quite sure as to your question. My apologies.


i use hdmi 1.4 extended cable for extend pimax cable


Yes there are some topics on extending cables on the p4k


Thanks for that write up Marc, very useful.

Keep us updated if you can on the TrackIR for tracking and PIMAX for viewing, as that would seem to be almost Gen2 VR if that works.

Also would you mind posting your system specs?

I’m getting an itch in my wallet again


Folks have used a variery of options like Trackir & Driver4vr with psmove, kinect & leap motion.