How can one buy the Pimax 8K (non pledge)


Hi, as the question states,

1- where does one buy the 8K if you live outside of china? will ebay have it? and what sellers are reliable?
2- can we buy it from other websites , note i am in australia and we dont have amazon, or gearbest and our retail outlet is limited
3- any idea when mass production will reach to retail market? ie. non backer pledges… so I can just whip out me wallet and put in an order?


You can’t.

It’s not for sale yet.

And since we have no actual clue when they will finish shipping backer units it’s anybody’s blind guess.


This link will keeu you informed of pre-order


I assume it will be sold primarily, directly on their website. They mentioned having local supply warehouses in north america and europe, so you may experience delays / higher shipping costs in Australia, but that’s just my guess.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the moment pre orders will open up. Though maybe I should await some reviews first… decisions decisions