How difficult is waiting


First of all I’m not asking for anything or even wanting anything to be rushed. It’s just a statement from a person who has no other virtual reality HMD to play and is completely eager to try it out for the first time.:grin:

By the way to those who already have one, how was your first experience with one of these? I confess that the next few months, probably until March when I get the Pimax 8K Full, will be agonizing.


I’m a backer of the 8K but already have the 4K. If you haven’t had the experience of VR then, boy are you in for a treat! To give you some idea of the reality, I’m a private pilot with lots of hours experience including aeros, but in 5 minutes flying an Extra 300 doing aerobatics I made myself feel quite ill - it’s that realistic :grin:


How cool. And which game do you do that with?


I fly FSX and DCS (just starting on DCS). Using Saitek X52 Pro programmable flight sytem . Mostly fly an add-on DH Mosquito in FSX and Spitfire MkIX in DCS


I backed the 8K and currently have a Vive and Rift. The thing that hit me the most when first trying VR was the sense of scale. You really feel like you are in the game world and everything around you feels like it is the right size relative to your position in the space. It really is quite an impressive experience. That initial wow factor went away for me after a few months of playing and now VR feels like a normal but engaging experience. I am hopeful that the increased FOV and resolution of the Pimax will bring back that “wow” feeling again at least for a little while.


Waiting is easy. though I am anxious to verify it all works as advertised. I have the Vive now and It did wow me but even from the start I was hoping a larger FOV and clearer image would be coming next… When AR started making a buzz with an even lower FOV I was very disappointed. I am though grateful that Pimax is taking this task up.


Me waiting for update.
Cyberpuck rulez :laughing:


I wanted on of those (VFX-3D version) so bad back in the day… I think around 1996 ish. I almost put down 1700 for one.


Oh I feel your pain. I don’t own a headset but I’ve tried a Vive and previously Goggle cardboard. In fact it was the cardboard some years ago that convinced me I needed a VR HMD. Even though the quality wasn’t quite there the experience was like no other. The Vive raised that standard but I just wanted something a little better (resolution wise) and more content to play through. I intended on waiting for LG’s new headset but along came Pimax. By the time Pimax launches in addition to the current content we’ll have Fallout 4 and Doom VFR. I started a wishlist on Steam for all the VR games I’m interested in and plan wait for the winter sale. In no particular order.

Fallout 4 VR
Doom VFR
Duck Season
The Talos Principle VR
Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul
Killing Floor Incursion
Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality
Superhot VR
Bullets and More
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed
The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone
Dead Effect 2
Serious Sam 3 VR
Space Pirate Trainer
Job Simulator


I couldn’t said it better. Indeed, that WOW factor is pretty much low, i guess Fallout 4 + Pimax 8k will be mind blowing XD.


it should be easy for you to wait if you have no idea what to expect.

And asking how it is…well it is not to be explained by 1000 words /movies or pictures.

1 experience blast all those things away.

Just focus on other stuff pretty easy.
I assume you have hobbies or work or whatever to take care of.


To kill some time you should look into game controllers. What do you plan to use tge 8k for?



I have waited for:

1 - Original Rift kickstarter, waited to order, then waited to receive
2 - Rift DK2, same as above
3 - Vive/Rift CV1, same as above

And now, here i am AGAIN playing the wait game :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it make things worthwhile


I took 8K Full, so I’m going to play with Pimax controllers.


4k VR seems to fall into the same category as fusion energy and UFO disclosure. Always waiting for proof :wink:


Waiting sucks, so occupy your time doing something else cool to distract yourself.

I’m taking up 3d modelling - I can now make pretty cool looking coffee cups :slight_smile:

Still working on my cloth models…those look somewhat less cool


Have you tried iL2 bos? It’s my favourite game at the moment. Learning the planes is fantastic. I’ve invested/wasted in rudders X52pro, tactile bass for chair. Nothing is quite like sitting in a ju and having your rear gunner opening up on a plane and the gun sounds going though my seat. Get the blood pumping every time


And by a chinese company out of nowhere !


Y’all are lucky you get the 8k as soon as it ships. I’m not getting back into the US until April so it will be just sitting at my house for months waiting for me! :frowning:

Though on the bright side if there are any delays they wont effect me any lol


When everyone was waiting for the Vives turning up, back in April 2016 it was absolutely agonising. Especially when some people got theirs a fair bit earlier than others. From one perspective its actually a great feeling, like Christmas when you were a kid… hard to get that feeling these days now I’m old and have a bit more cash.