How difficult is waiting


I don’t own HMD either. I was waiting for the next gen before investing.

Now the wait is almost over :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It will be hard to still wait before playing Fallout 4 though


Waiting after a kickstarter project is always painful, you never know if they just ran away with the money.

I’ve had a HTC Vive for a weekend and loved it. Wanted to get one ever since.

Played The Lab, Rick and Morty, Minecraft. Now i’m clearing up my office to have more space to play, removing two desks and shelves, changing the ceiling lights to incased fixtures, painting the walls etc… I just reinstalled Skyrim SE with tons of enhancement mods, might also get Vorpx…


Best recipt for awaiting new HMD is buying good „2d” rpg like Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Man, love that game :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what we all are here, if the anticipation is short then it won’t feel the same if you’ve waited several months to get your hands on. I waited a lot for my vive and now I barely use it.


I´m playing ELEX.

Why are you not using it?


Elite Dangerous is one of those games where everything feels like a little toy spaceship until you play it in VR and realise that YOU are the little toy in a big universe of spaceships.


Elite Dangerous was built for VR from the ground up… Give it a go… You can even walk around the cockpit of the ships if you have roomscale enabled…


I will have to wait till May to use mine, because I have no hardware to play on, no tracking and no controllers. It breaks my heart, but it is the best solution to get everything ready with brand new hardware (well more like refreshes of the current hardware, still better than what we have now).


If Pimax really can produce and deliver the 8K in January will be a pleasant surprise and I confess that so the wait will not be so difficult. Thanks Pimax, but don’t rush.:relaxed:


Waiting is too painful, since august I feel nervous, can’t concentrate on my work, not playing games anymore, can’t get out of my bad and do something, totally depressed, dreaming about headset every hour, about days we could spent together, but no, im so lonely​:sob::sob::sob:

And then they say first batch won’t come December…and controllers, they come april - N-n-n-ooooooo

P.s. Im waiting so much for fallout 4 but I have no idea how bad will it be middle December wenn the game releases and pimax will not be here…no way I can survive until april​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

P.P.s. I will cry on 31th December all day long, there is no Santa, I don’t believe in miracles anymore.


DON’T expect any shipments before 2H 2018
IF they really want the HMD to be well.right.tuned

This is a big step for the starter not spoiling their name…if they rush it out

Wait and wait…good luck with that !!!