How do get a meaningful response from RMA people



I RMA’ed my Pimax 5K+ a few weeks ago, and I’ve been getting odd email responses from the service team. At first it was all fine. They asked what my issue was, and when I told them, they initiated the process. I shipped them the HMD, and they received it. Then they said ,“Please contact us, we will replacement a new headset for you.” I found this odd because doesn’t the email chain count as contacting in the first place? So I emailed them asking what info they needed. I got no reply for 4 days, so I emailed again with my shipping address and asking if they needed anything else. Then I got an email that just said, “Hi”, and quoted the previous, unhelpful email. They just emailed me again today. It was blank except for a quote again of the “please contact us” email.

Does anybody know what they want? I’m at a loss.

Thank you.


It’s probably just a bot that answers. I’m sure they get so many messages and they don’t want to have to pay people to answer all of them. Comments on their product page has the same thing. I notice almost all the questions are answered the same thing, with just a word or two changed around to make it look like its a different person. Until they say otherwise I am going to believe all of this:P


Well, I can report success. I had to contact the American branch to complain about how I was being treated, and they helped me get the ball rolling. After being ignored and given the run around for several weeks, they are finally sending me a new headset. It looks like the Chinese support is a joke, and the American side actually knows what they are doing.


There was some problem on their email system until few days ago. I think you should send another email or make replies on pimax support page.


Thank you, but the issue seems to be resolved now. The American team fixed the problems.