How do i adjust the brightness of the screen in piplay (pimax 4k)

hi guys.

How do I adjust the brightness of the pimax 4k in pimax mode .

I have piplay

also when I open up 360 videos in a player i found on steam vr it looks like the colours aredifferent then the video on the screen.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Chris,

in latest piplay, there are 2 clickable options… bottom right of the piplay is a COG icon. click that and then at the top of the screen choose DEVICE tab.
in there are 2 clickable options ‘Cool Colours’ and ‘Brightness’ at this stage there are only those 2 options, but pimax have said they will offer more brightness options on the newer piplay maybe the debug tool for instance.

Personally, i prefer to use the Nvidia Control Panel to change my brightness and Contrast settings.

You wont really get the colours looking like a monitor because of the shutter glass on the lens, which many believe are to aid in reducing ghosting effects - removing those will make the colours bright and vibrant but will increase ghosting and could affect your eyes as the light sources will be much brighter and are directly in your eye! - safety 1st i say!


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I have the BE 4k version, and I only have Cool Colors as a choice. I really need to brighten this up. There was some kind of command interface in earlier versions and using that worked some. I don’t see a NCP area for this under the 3d settings, and I have no monitor settings for the pimax. Any ideas? I should be able to get this model brighter because its OLED, correct?

Just set the pimax to video mode, then go to nvidia control panel and the monitor settings will show up, change gamma to 1.2, adjust contrast and brightness if you like,change color vibrancy to 75% then apply. Now change back to pimax mode and the settings will stick. Been mentioned already in my beginners guide on this forum, honestly if @pimax just made my guide sticky it would save a ton of people asking the same questions over and over.

My guide below…



YYYEEEESSSS!!! NIRVANA!!! I am so happy now!! I wish I’d known this a while ago. But anyways, With Prepar3d v4.1 and FlyInside and Photoscenery and AS16 and ASCA I AM IN NIRVANA!!! I can now make the brightness much more realistic and eventually I can see tweaking this thing to very very good! I’ll have to upgrade this old 3077k 2xGTX 780 SLI system to get “perfect”, but this is damned amazing for a 4 year old system that is not supposed to work in VR. THANK YOU PIMAX! Keep up the good work! Back to flying.

Thank You IDaver.

To anyone else looking into this for Prepar3d , GET IT! You will NOT REGRET IT. I CAN Read The Gauges!!!

Glad your happy, p.s they released another version on the 15th of piplay and that has a brightness slider with 3 levels of brightness, not tried myself yet.


This does not seem to work for me anymore. :confused: I’m now not sure that it did. I had a program Prepar3d Tweak Assistant running and it may have been that plus placeebo.

That’s strange, always works for me and deffo not placebo, if you install new piplay you have to follow the steps again, and make sure you apply etc, if you did this I can’t explain it.


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Hi, @denali how is it going now?

Going fine. Just need moar gamma light/brightness on my 102x. I don’t see control for it in Piplay 2.0.4 or whatever the latest is now.

Going fine. Just need moar gamma light/brightness on my 102x. I don’t see control for it in Piplay 2.0.4 or whatever the latest is now.

Hi denali, as you may know, the headset with series number 102X is our BE version with 2.5K OLED display that is brighter than 4K LCD, so our engineers don’t open this for BE headset that is specially used for business clients. Anyway, are you interested in purchasing 8K headset? I may request the team to offer you USD100 discount for that.

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It’s a nice gesture. I’m just not ready to purchase one at this time. I am looking forward to seeing what it is like and I’ve been watching closely. Awesome that you reached your fundraising goal, and your President looks like a straight-up and intelligent guy that will get it done right. So much progress beyond competition already. Yes I’d like to buy one, but I have to wait. Too much on my plate just now.

At any rate, the VR enhancing software I am using with Prepar3d v4.1 is FlyInside, and they do now allow Lockheed Martin’s implementation of HDR lighting, and I think that may be a part of the issue. Still, I know that there was once a hack in that command interface in the older Piplay versions that did help much and I wish it was still there.

Thank you very much, Denali. Is the screen of the headset very dark?

I think the hack you referred is Debug_tool in old Piplay versions before Piplay 2.0. However, the brightness command is effective for 4K headset only. Actually we don’t recommend users to use too high brightness that is not good for both eyesight and screen itself :slight_smile:

I may be interested in the discount you are offering. Would it be on top of the Kickstarter price? I am noticing that your most recent prototype is being reported as very quickly refined over the previous versions, and very satisfying already from reviewers I trust. So now I’m kinda wondering if I should get on board because it sounds awesome.

BTW. Get your distribution and production systems ready to go. Demand is going to be so great … You Should Do Everything Necessary To Keep Up And Start That Logistics Work NOW … People don’t like wearing binoculars … Ship them a Pimax, Quickly!

Don’t worry about the controllers. Work on replacing the all the Oculus and Vive headsets.

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Download latest version of pitool. Adjust brightness and contrast as you want.
And i’d recommend you not to adjust both brightness and contrast over 3.
I could get enough brightness in fallout 4(which is very dim) with my 4k
If you adjust right amount of it, won’t loose colors also