How long after pimax sends to warehouse should we expect an email



Backer number 1972 here and according to the number of units sent mine should be on its way to a warehouse ,BUT with no conformation email and no way of knowing if any 8k units are available ,exactly what and when am i waiting for ?
lots of people have had emails saying that there unit is on its way to warehouse and then a shipping number will be given

@Dallas.Hao it seems all recent info along with resurveys isnt adding up,any chance of explaining please


Where did you see that higher numbers have received their units than yours?


Yes please @dustyearlobe, where did you see backers above 1400 with a headset ?


sucks to be me right now but sure i read someone had recived 5k unit with number 2xxx ,ive looked but cant find it now so cant validate will remove comment


Shipping seems all over the shop:





wait you are backer 58xx and already got your headset send how is that possible there must be something wrong.
But if they really send i would take it for you.

I dont receive the headset not even the tracking number, but they said that was sent to warehouse. Its very strange and i was not expecting because i always said that i wanted to wait untill they have the bases, controllers and solid headstrap. i hope i have an answer.

not as i remembered reading it ,so ok lets just say higher number people getting ,well getting informed


i think its possibly as i misunderstood this other post

probably got an email saying it was shipped to warehouse
(ok just reddit excuse the pun and yep shipped to warehouse )
so this still begs the question are we waiting for an email saying its been sent to warehouse , tracking no or conformation of survey all three of which other people seem to be getting irelevent of number order


No worries sometime we make mistakes, i make a lot :joy::call_me_hand:t4:


Pimax has shipped units up to backer # ~6078.


Yep I’ve seen all of this but haven’t heard of backers in the high numbers receiving their units yet. It’s a little bit of a bummer to get skipped and to see people in Korea getting their headsets one day after ordering. Nothing new for this forum but something new for me as of this morning but I’m good. You never think it’s going to happen to you until it does. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


My 8k is also send to the warehouse but still no tracking number here??


Your order has not confirmed yet(or confirmed information which lack of essential information).

Please filling the survey and we will ship your headset quite soon(We really need backers information to ship the headset to you)

Survey Link :


I’m backer number 1430. Has mine shipped yet? :thinking:
I saw on one batch it said you had shipped from up to 1429 and then the next batch it skipped to starting at like 1450 so I was a little concerned.


Not every backer # gets a headset. There’s not a 1 to 1 correspondence between backer # and headset recipient.

Some people canceled their pledge before the Kickstarter ended. Some just pledged $5 to support the cause. And some ordered 10-packs.


I just want to know if any 8k headsets were sent to Japan. I’m back 29xx.


Your headset is prepared(ready to ship).Our ship sequence based on backer number&confirmed information,we won’t skip backer,the reason we ship higher backer number is that lower backer number’s information not confirmed(or lack of essential information)


Hmm, that’s strange. I thought it’d be in the process of oversea shipping by now. Maybe it’s because I opted for the 8k instead of the 5k+. I didn’t get another survey email, so I don’t think lack of essential information is the issue.


Hi @Dallas.Hao
Backer number 3652 here,
Just checking if my survey was received and if mine is in any of the lots that have shipped yet or not.
Jay Bee


just send a email to backers directly when theres some issue with information. somethings wrong with the surveys


Ok did this again also the one sent earlier lets me do it over and over so i’ve done that one 3x also :persevere::grin:
the linkyou gave me has only let me do it once and now says “you have already taken this survey” so i think the others could be duds :rofl:

@Dallas.Hao will you let me know if this is received and/or if the information is still not correct please let me know what information is missing as im clueless on this regards Gary