How long after pimax sends to warehouse should we expect an email



As backer 1055, I received survey 27th November (chose 5K+) and was excited to receive tracking (DPD UK) first thing today. Parcel was delivered to me without my knowledge (left next to the wall outside my house) last Friday morning (4th Jan). I have located and recovered it today.

I have yet to test the device, and hope the rain hasn’t killed it. Carboard box was soaked, Pimax box midly damp and it seems fairly water resistant so I am hopeful.

If you leave out the bank holidays, this translates to roughly 1 month between survey and delivery


I stand corrected ,it sucks to be you ,hope your set is ok


From looking at the headset, it looks like the worst that’s happened is that I missed out on a weekend of VR gaming but I’ll check ASAP


Headset confirmed alive. Oh the clarity!


We received your survey,Thanks for your help


nice to see you !Dallas.Hao can you help us , when the chinese #1798 will send? 国内代购订单,we all want to know ,but nobody can tell us .



number 2247. I filled the survey again. Did you received it?


No ! Look !

Edit : delete


That many people above 1000 didn’t reply to first survey?? I know I did without any doubt but it shows I didn’t. I’m backer #1618. Is it a Pimax mistake? Or are you skipping people on purpose so higher numbers receive? @Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao


Yah and now relax :grinning: thankyou Dallas


4 times I have filled this out with firefox, and now just done it again in Edge. #7090
lets see if we get an updated spread sheet.


I received my tracking about the same time as the HMD.

Bit of a delay in tracking notification but seeing as I am OS, it allowed me to see the delivery and confirm it was received and by whom.


i knew it was the survey, that explains the 1500-6000 shipment range with only 100 headsets. as if almost 3k backers dont reply to a survey lol


I filled the survey for the third time now (#2148, SUPEN-765). Hopefully they received all my informations. Will I get a confirmation from the survey that Pimax received it or is the next e-mail about shipping?
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Filled survey #6192 hope all is good and you have received the information! @Dallas.Hao thank you for your time


ok now there’s loads of higher numbers receiving there units ,last i saw was late 4476 ,with the amount of backers with lower numbers nowhere near getting theirs somehow isn’t surprising now ,which is a shame

ok loads is exaggerated :sunglasses:


I got the tracking informations a few hours after the Hmd . #3272


I think some of those might be 8k’s too, instead of the more popular 5k+.


really wish mine had been ok ,really cant wait now