How long do you have to wait?



So far, you Phimax are making vague announcements of several productions and several shipments a day.

What I want is as follows.

Approximate number of sponsors by region (e.g., Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc.).

Completed shipments by region. Also, shipments currently in progress by region.

And we need a timeline to be completed to send to regional sponsors expected by current production.

When did you Pimax say, "We shipped 100 today, 100 today. You’re going to say, “Good job, aren’t you?”

Currently, Phimax is receiving pre-orders from its website.

If the preorder product is shipped faster than my sponsor, I won’t be able to stand it.

I want a clear answer.


I ordered my 5k Plus on November 1st, 2018 as a “Pre-Order” soon after pre-orders first opened. I finally received a shipping update on 2/22/19 stated that my item has shipped and is out for a Tuesday 2/26/19 delivery via UPS. Apparently it’s spending the weekend in Syracuse, New York, before heading down to Birmingham AL, where it will be delivered to my work address. (Was not sure how delivery was being handled, so I played the odds of where I’d be). So in total about 120 days from purchase to delivery. Almost 4 months. Hope this helps.


I ordered my 5k plus back in October and haven’t received any shipping info or any other communication from Pimax. I can log into my account and see that my order says paid but unfulfilled.

As a side note, I’ve submitted multiple tickets to support but they don’t bother to answer.


Update. I did receive my 5k Plus yesterday and all appears to be working well so far.( I know you are still waiting, but it is really awesome and you will appreciate it once it arrives.) My only problem is a floor issue. (I appear to be about 9 feet tall no matter what I do). But I’ll find something to fix that as it is definitely software. I did have my doubts about all of this as well, but now that I have product in hand, I’m a pretty happy camper. I hope you all do not have to wait too much longer as I did not enjoy my time in the “void” either. Hopefully you will both hear something soon.And Bruce, my order remained at "unfulfilled status until it was actually en route. I had received NO communications until it shipped. Hope this helps.


I am a Korean supporter.
I started the PIMAX 8K support in December 2017.
But I’m still unilaterally waiting for Pimax to send.
PIMAX has broken several promises that he will send.


Thanks for the update. Makes me feel more optimistic that mine will ship soon!


I’m an original Backer and i’m still waiting. #678X and tho the spreadsheet say shipping, I have no tracking number. How long do I wait to declare the shipment lost?


It’s sad to have to wait for the product to be sent from ‘Pimax’ without any commitment