How long does the headset stay in Overseas Warehouse? Is this page even dynamically updated!?


Whats everyone’s experience on how long their headset shipping status stays at “Arrived in Overseas Warehouse”? Talking about this page here: Mine has been sitting there, apparently, for 8 or 9 days. Is that normal?

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From ALL ACCOUNTS, it seems to be that this “update” page doesn’t actually update dynamically when things change.

What kind of company opens up an unlimited number of orders to the public when they know that production capacity is highly limited? Why not set a maximum number of slots for pre-orders, per month, at a level which you know you can meet fairly?


my is nearly one month on
‘‘Shipped out from factory’’

Your turn.


If l am right not a single order status has changed since they made it public on 25th of march. At least l dont know of any changes anyone had posted. This would be getting redicolous if it wasnt sad.


I’ve also searched for cases of that status actually updating, but found nothing.


That’s pretty bad… You are using this page here to check right?


You won’t see a lot of them changing for a while yet. It takes 2-3 weeks to transport by boat from China as far as I remember.


What are they using as transport? a kayak?
And yes i’m using Order status to check.


No update for me too since launch of this feature (25th march last updated) still says arrived in shanghai


“Arrived in Shanghai“ is not a process which should take a couple of weeks. :joy:


I strangely got a text SMS message today with a DHL tracking number for a package coming from HK. I haven’t ordered anything else that I can think of that this would be. I got no email, Pimax Update, or anything else, just an SMS sent to my phone.

Its a legit message, not spam, for sure. Wondering if this is what it is. Does Pimax ship with DHL? Strange. I will update once it arrives, it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday… whatever this thing is.


Yes mine updated about a day after DPD contacted me at the end of last week with a tracking number and delivery date. There was a long delay prior to that (ordered in October) - but turned out that I had no shipping address specified - I didn’t get any warning and Preorders / Dallas checked and didn’t notice anything, but Mozi did. After that, things moved quickly.

Headset was delivered in the UK on Monday.


I just hope i won’t get the headset while i’m on vacation.
witch is on near end of june.


You’d be surprised how slow some of the boats they use in China are. Cheap > Speed when it comes to transport in China. There’s also the probability that Shanghai takes a while to even register them as received because they go in and test them before doing so. Pimax did instate secondary testing away from the factory.


Mine is “shipped out from Shanghai” since 25/03/2019.

Shanghai must be the biggest town in the universe, almost a month to get out of it, figure…


he he, I’m a bit further, mine actually left Shanghai the same day :slight_smile:

But lost somewhere in space / time since then…



It’s just the Pimax tone …


Hi, i received my 5K+ on 15th april in france (ordered 20th december)


I got my headset on 19-04-2019.

My order status still says shipped out of factory.

So yeah…


Still shipped out from Shanghai since 03-25


how is it right now? recevied?