How long does the headset stay in Overseas Warehouse? Is this page even dynamically updated!?


have you been contacted these days?
seems that an email for confirming your address information has been sent.
please check it.


how about now, order number please?


I don’t receive an email.


Hello Derek have already contact you but my order still have the same status since 25-03,

Order P1383

I ve ordered since 25 October 2018 still no headset…


hi, good morning,
you contacted me by service desk?
checked your order again, EU standard is under replenishment,
really thanks for your patience and sincere apology for the delay .


Good morning :slight_smile:

(P1383) Yes I contact you by service desk ,

I disappointed to see some informations from Pimax email wrong, I order my headset 6 months ago! Some people ordered headset and get it before me even in France… I don t understand…

I hope I finally get my order ^^

Have a good day


@DerekVVV Please check my order as well. I confirmed my address in my support ticket (SUPEN-3928) and never got a response. It has now been 5 weeks since it left Shanghai.


sorry ,huge workload.

I replied you 2 days ago.

nice day