How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Who’s joining the “damn I cannot afford this but I will make a 3 month payment plan and meanwhile sell a kidney” club? :grin:

I picked the MSI 2080 Ti Gaming X just because Im happy with the brand on my 1080Ti. But I guess most brands have probably identical specs but their own cooling.

But jeez, 1400 Euro… Im gonna eat nudles for months now lol


Not I lol but just bought my 1080ti lol


Im going to purchase first available 2080ti from retail shop as soon it becomes available. I dont like ‘founders editions’, they are overpriced and looks ugly :smiley:

P.s. its possible i’ll wait a bit for a card with preinstalled water block, i was waiting for this for years :slight_smile: Anyway, 2080TI this year for sure!


The MSI/ASUS/Gigabyte/EVGA etc. were also on preorders. At least in Sweden. But i guess pre orders wont arrive until 20 September, even if Komplett (the store I ordered from) said “sent out 2nd September” when placing the order. They changed it to 20th very fast.


I cant find any pre-orders except for Nvidia site. Can you throw some links?


In sweden its on Elgiganten, Inet, Komplett and Proshop. There was an Nvidia link to the store’s campaign but can’t find it now…


Am I missing something - the 2080Ti looks like’s going to be 20% odd hike in performance over the 1080 ti.

Not worthy of the ‘Ti’ label IMO. I’m sure the engineers behind these very sincerely just want to make the best graphics cards but the business and marketing people clearly just want to cream the max amount of money giving away the smallest amount of power (so they have plenty in store to trickle through as and when they need to given they have no competition).


Yeah I expect somewhere between 20-30% performance increase, especially with some custom OC. But so far we dont know, and 30% is quite a lot though, if true. Theoretically like going from 65-70 to 90fps. I hope so at least…

But indeed the prices are just ridiculous.


With 20% increase i will not upgrade from 1080ti, even 30% isnt really worth it with that price. Thanks to the buyer protection policy i can easily use this during 30 days and return with full cash back ^,.,^


I picked this one.
1,081,500 KRW…($963.47)


I’m going to pre order 2080Ti but none showing up in Aussie stores yet except the founders edition on nvidia aus site.
I might have to wait until business hours.
It’s expensive but I’m willing to spend on the best vr experience.
Anyone in Aus want to buy an MSI gaming x 1080Ti 11Gb come end of Sep?


Out of interest, why did you go for the X version of the MSI card over the Duke version that’s £100 cheaper - I can’t see any difference in the specs - i’m sure I’m missing some thing but not sure what!!?


We don’t know the full specs of each gpu brand yet, but in previous series, gaming X had better VRM for higher overclocking abilities, higher default memory clocks and slightly more sophisticated cooling for lower temps. As well as dead silent fans. Im always running my fans on 60% to have low temps and I cannot hear them at all.

Maybe no huge difference to Duke, but sound level, cooling and good VRM for OC is quite important to me. I could go above 2050Mhz boost on the 1080Ti gaming X while my friends Gigabyte could not reach 2000 without glitches and crashes.

Not saying Gigabyte is worse than MSI, but in terms of the 3 aspects mentioned above, u usually get what you pay for.


I tried but it was out of stock which I took as an omen.

But as a 3D Animator I might get the Quadro 5000 instead if it helps with rendering performance over the 2080Ti. I will wait for benchmarks / reviews and see if my render engines all start supporting Turing cores… I need it for both work and gaming so its difficult to choose this early so I am glad my impulse buy failed lol


Went with the founders edition this time around , I’m not supposed to get it tell oct 8th I’ll Decide If I’m going to go through With the Pre-order based on the reviews .

Canceled my pre order I’ll wait for the benchmarks !


Im going to preorder EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, because:

  • overclocking allowed
  • cooling modernization allowed (will mount a waterblock later)
  • 3 years warranty with extra 7 years for only 60$

1300 Euro (from evga site)

huang, i hate you >.<


@SweViver we will eat noodles for years just in time to 3080ti arrival.
So basically this means noodles for life.

This must be some Nvidia and noodles company conspiracy. The question is are they making more profit on GPU’s or noodles?


Typical N greadya. 30% better performance for 50% more money.


But Huang is hyperbolizing it does gazillion of operations if not trillions at least.:joy:


Giga rays. It just works!!! lol