How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Turn it on, turn it off, see? You can simply turn it ON! YOU NEED THIS!:smiley:


Don’t get caught in the NVtrap dudes :slight_smile:

  • Performance wise, it will only be 25% or something better than the 1080Ti (unless of course any game gets Heavily optimized for the new architecture)

  • Games and engines need to be adapted heavily to benefit this new rendering architecture, won’t happen anytime soon, as the presentation slides have shown, they made drastic changes to the rendering queue.

  • Price…not only it is way too high, but they even upped the tag in respect to previous generations.

  • Real advantages on VR ?? Very little…apart the Virtualink display port, that even sounds like a customized thunderbolt 3 port, where Nvidia could have done it the simple, most compatible way, they of course made it proprietary and will now force any company to adopt it…

I think many are going to be seriously disappointed after all the hype fades and they see how it really performs inside their Pc’s :slight_smile:


Thanks Martin - useful info.


Sorry what? What have you been smoking lol.

Firstly, we don’t have any idea how performance will be really, until we see benchmarks. And sure, the raw power might not be a lot more, but it is a drastically new architecture. With things that old cards simply cannot do.

And then the virualink port isn’t proprietary at all mate. It is a standard between ALL parties involved even remotely with VR. Please read up on it before spouting nonsense man.

I really think this is a huge step forward, with the AI cores and RT and such.

However I would wait a while before getting them, as right now their usefulness is a lot less than it will be in let’s say 6 months time. (when games start really taking advantage of what Turing can do). Unless you really need the performance. I think the RTX2070 is not overpriced at all and should be a really nice value for money card.


It’s Ti Gigarays translate into 76 TRILLION RTX ops,
That’s where it becomes marketing BS


Anyone found a US site where I can preorder the MSI 2080TI ? Cant preorder them via Amazon:


Is Newegg even a store in US? :slight_smile: I dont know, but it looks to be an US site:


It’s US indeed, but lists the MSI as “out of stock” and it seems I cant preorder there (anymore) … Thanks anyway!


Unfortunately I think most countries pre-orders are game over now. In Sweden all 4 stores have no pre-order anymore. Their pre-order campaign got out of stock after 15-20 minutes or so, at least for the 2080Ti.
If you are lucky maybe you can find a smaller reseller still accepting pre-orders. Look in bigger gpu forums for people discussing.

I find it quite surprising we had so many enthusiast in little Sweden ready to throw 1400-1500 Euro on a GPU :slight_smile:


I think all stores should have it in stock around 20-22nd September, and I doubt the pre-orders may come much earlier.

When I did the preorder on Komplett, it said “arriving 2nd September”. I was really surprised. A few minutes later they got out of stock on MSI and put up a new batch. They changed date to 20nd September.

Now, looking at my order it says “preliminary date 20 Sept”… hmm


We just moved to a new house where I’ll have the basement to myself, so ideal for a mancave. Planning to build a simrig there and hopefully by Oct-Nov all components will be available (new generation Intel processors, nvidia cards and Pimax 8K) but holy shit I was floored by the prices. It’s $1600 for a 2080 Ti where I live. This is insane. Especially with zero benchmarks on its performance.

Also mindblowing that my Asus Strix 1080 Ti is EXACTLY the same price today ($1000) as I bought it right after it was announced last March.


Yep its indeed crazy. This also makes me think Nvidia has something big coming.

I have a hard time to believe they will release a 1200-1600Euro GPU with near-Pascal performance and only some forced ray tracing features (that nobody asked for)…

People are gonna rage if the GPUs doesn’t perform. No matter if they have 99% of the market, people will not buy it and most ppl may refund.

I think this generation they might have stepped up the game just to show AMD “they have no chance”. Even the R in the RTX is more of a takeover from AMD (Radeon) as Linus said.

In that case, unfortunately thats both good and bad news. Good news is we get a great GPU. Bad news is even less competition and even higher prices in next gen…

#33 is us .ca is canada


Oh I see :slight_smile: I really have no clue about US shops. Except Waaaaaalmart lol


Im on a 1080Ti since December. It’s a great card. I wouldn’t even dream of upgrading to a 2080Ti…IF it wasn’t for the Pimax VR headset that us backers are supposedly getting by Christmas. As someone who will own one, I will need as much gpu horsepower as I can get, because it looks like the 1080Ti will NOT have enough juice to run games at full settings in the Pimax. If there is a significant boost in performance for games in Pimax with a 2080Ti, then I’ll have no choice but to get one lol.


I would wait & see how it goes & how well t3ge nvidia performs.


Not just yet. The plan is to see verifiable benchmarks 1st and then decision will be made.

Price is of no concern but performance is.


Yeah it is suspicious that NVIDIA didn’t mention much regarding performance, other than the raytracing stuff. So I’m expecting a modest performance gain.


I will only say you that…a very few people working in IT have the “luck” of getting samples of most hardware, way before it reachs the market, and if you think that any thing you consider “new” is good for you, well…you should also first think about what is really inside it and if it you really need it or not for the specific purpose you’re going to use it :slight_smile:

All I can say you, other what I already hinted is, just wait the benchmarks before rushing to give them your money, and possibly avoid the ones on the bullshit hw sites, so many today have become just marketing slaves.


Oh of course. “remember, no preorders” always goes for me honestly. I don’ need an upgrade right now. I will, in a few months when I can perhaps buy the 8K, though.

However, I just really want to be able to do that real time Ray tracing because it just looks fantastic. Gaming is pretty much my life so I want to get the best out of it. And I can afford it so, why not.