How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Think ill will wait :slight_smile:


I will wait until my 8K has arrived and I know what it requires and what the 2080Ti really brings to the table. I am hoping that by that time the 1080 stock has been sold & prices are less insane for the cards. My problem is that even if I could save quite a bit of money by buying a 1080Ti at that point instead, I will also have to factor in that I will receive the 8K(X) in 2019 - which will already struggle with the 2080Ti, so I might be left with no real choice than get it when my 8K arrives…


I think you are better off waiting, If you have the 1080ti just stick with that.


based this benchmark rtx 2080 performance dosnt look bad (40-50% more fps!)
nvidia devs says this gain is becouse tensor cores and new dlls supersampling tech.

„Powered by Turing’s Tensor Cores, which perform lightning-fast deep neural network processing, GeForce RTX GPUs also support Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS), a technology that applies deep learning and AI to rendering techniques, resulting in crisp, smooth edges on rendered objects in games.”

now I’m realy curious how this DLSS will look in VR especially in games where I set tons of supersamling - Elite Dangerous , Assetto Corsa ?


I didn’t pre-order it, but in anticipation of the Pimax 8k I’m gonna be getting a pre-built with a 2080 ti in it.
I’m sure I along with many others want to see how it performs in non-rtx games. They did release that chart comparing the 2080 to the 1080, but it was kind of vague. (Edit, might just build a pc.)


I just did preorder it to have the most chance to have no stutters in vr with the pimax 8k or 8kx. Its also nice to have :slight_smile:


DLSS supersampling looks very promising , check this vid:

now we need to see how this dlss looks with text games (e.g Elite and DCS)


These are still available. I just dunno why… :wink:



Question is, will the use of highest settings be representative of the use we will likely make with the 8K ? Probably not, so we need to wait for benchmarks comparing rather the medium settings. 4K seems to be a fit though because of the high resolution + SS which we will need/want for the 8K.


I have to wait, i can only buy a new graphic card in two years I have gtx 1080 but i think will not enjoy full capacity of pimax until then.


Since I already have a 1080 Ti the only place to go is up to a 2080 Ti. I will wait a little bit and hope to see some benchmarks first, and hopefully a price drop as well. But eventually I will need to buy this card, I’m not waiting another 2 years for a hardware upgrade.


Interesting…it’s even worse than I thought, most tested games except Final Fantasy show almost the same frame rate in 1080Ti and 2080 , or just a few frames better, one game even lower fps

Over 1000$ for almost nothing…well done Nvidia, well done, of course we will patiently wait 3 to 5 years to just let the developers adopt raytrace shading and some little more candy effect :grin:


New RTX video :slight_smile:


So for the next 3 weeks all that we will see is selected marketing material by Nvidia.


The thing with Ray tracing is that it’s a pretty simple technique. It’s a typical programming project for software engineering students. Doing shadows using rasterization is a lot more tricky. I don’t think we’ll need 5 years to see it adopted.

The only problem is that I would expect you have to be willing to go down in resolution. Personally I don’t care for 4K very much, especially not in 2D, I’d rather have gorgeous graphics in 1080p, or photorealistic VR. Coupled with foveated rendering, it should become possible rather soon. I understand not everyone feels like that, though.


Curse you sir. lol Nah, joking. Enjoy every second of that GPU @SweViver


SA fully ray traced scene gets rid of aliasing jaggies. I’m pretty much sure everyone uses 1080p TV material on a daily basis without much complain, even on a 4K display. With a perfect picture scaling will not magnify problems.
Everyone would choose raytraced at FHD over 4K rasterized.
The only issue I see for near future is for VR we need double that…


Bought it in France. I have 2 980ti at the moment, hopefully i’ll be able to replace one of them in SLI ? Otherwise the 2080Ti alone should do the work :wink:


Just bought a 1080Ti 3 months ago (new build following Ryzen 2 launch), so nope. Didn’t want to drop nearly 2 Gs on graphics cards in the same year.

I was hoping to step-up (which is why I specifically bought an EVGA model), but they won’t allow step ups til September. I’m going to have to wait until we hear about Navi / Nvidia 3080Ti