How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Simply mind blowing!


I have always dreamed of an SLI … hmm now NVLink System … makes me itch but I guess I will hold still until the price drops and then upgrade - marketing or not I love the features they got into the card - it may not be wise to early adopt - but hey I kickstarted the PiMax so i guess that’s a clear path ahead for me ;-). Tech addicted, development encouraging or Avantgarde, crazy… what ever :wink: - I love this stuff Since C 64


SLI was great when I used it last time with 2x 980Ti, at least on non-VR games with proper profiles and support. Some games could scale 98/90% like ROTR and Fallout 4.

If NVLink is improved, hopefully doesn’t require separate profile for each game, stacks the VRAM, scales OK and supports VR, then I’m ready to spend another 1400 Euro on a second 2080Ti :slight_smile:

But I might be just dreaming now…lol


I never had an FE Edition but I really love the new 2080TI FE - damn good card! Looks better then the Asus available now - maybe the STRIX can win me back again - but this first time it could lose …


I gotta say I dont trust the Nvidia FE cooling. Not until they prove me wrong. Thats why I always go custom branded.

Also, the new FE cooling kind of destroys the pros for having 2 gpus in SLI. The FE card had a blow-out at the back before, making SLI setups cool enough. Now, it looks like a poor-man’s version of ASUS/MSI/whatever


NVLink - They use it on the Quadros and that big render thing mobo Huang showed at the GamesCom - and if I got it right the same will link two 2080/TI’s. It gives more direct access and has greatly improved bandwidth - if that works out, who knows but it sounds as if it could . At least in the demos I saw no micro stutter stuff :wink:


Same for me - up till now - I had the Asus STRIX Series for a few generations (3 Fan, massive cooling block) and would look at that again - but from the little well based reads it looks as if they have done a good job for the TI.


Yep! I’ve been using ASUS Strix, MSI Gaming X, Zotac AMP Extreme! and Gigabyte Water Force. All of them have been working great, even if I think the water cooled AIO from Gigabyte was the best one, especially if you plan doing SLI, you will need at least one of the GPUs being water cooled.


Ray tracing Looks good to me!!


I cant wait for reviews…although it’s not in my budget to get one I always love progress when it comes to gpu’s


OK, that’s a good tip - so its a All In One Solution, like that one?

I have always gone Air - and have quite good temperatures for the GPU and CPU. Even with some OC the System stays quite cool - but I do have lots of fans running in the SilverStone FT 02 (Awesome Concept)
and of course never had a SLI system.


Yes thats the one I had (one of the 980Ti, and not 1080Ti).
Incredible temps, mostly around 60-63 on full load fully overclocked above 2000Mhz.


I have 1080ti aorus non water block one and its solid card…


And at least one 2080 TI Water Cooled has been seen…

Google for Geforce RTX 2080 Ti ICHILL Black there are a view sites with pics and info
or use this mean little link :wink: ->

Edit - just found it on there WebSite too


Wow!! That’s one bad ass water block…


Yeah it has such clean look to it!


Nice! Buut… 240mm radiator…ouch! How am I supposed to fit 2 of these + the Kraken x62 :slight_smile: hmm…


Indeed looks like Nvidia might be competing with Amd for space heater award if you need that much cooling. :smirk:


Factory made water cooling solutions are always helplessly overpriced. Better go with a ref card and add a custom loop or aio.


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