How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


MSI watercooled (Sea Hawk) works great too…never had it go over 49 degree celsius at constant full 100% GPU occupation, while at idle is even cooler than my own body :grin:

Once you try watercooling, you never come back, I have both the Haswell-E and 1080 on separate waterblocks, and the 1080 overclocks flawlessly to as high as 1999Mhz :grin:


Do you water cool just GPU or also the CPU?

I was thinking about water for my 6800k @3.9

But most forum threads I read did not have longtime temps much cooler then the noctua I am using. It’s mostly in the mid 40s under heavy load in the top 50s
But could be that I just didn’t look up good solutions- I have no clue what is good when it comes to H2O Cooling so I was poking in the dark


Have you seen this?
Enlisted was shown on GamesCon at 4K and using Raytracing on a 2080 with 90FPS!
That’s awesome if it’s true


Not VR but looks good - the game in my previous post about 4K GI and 90FPS


Both, cheapest Corsair kit with just a single fan and small waterblock on the CPU, while the MSI Sea Hawk has it’s own waterblock and fan, MSI uses pre-mounted Corsair products; but most water cooling brands are good, NZXT is one of the best, but somewhat pricey.

There’s a considerable difference between air cooling and water cooling, most air cooling, even the best ones, take an huge amount of space over the CPU and keep dissipating an huge amount of watts, expelling much heat from the Pc case, can become very noisy and often go as high as 70 degrees or more in the most extreme situations, while with water the temps are kept 15-20 degrees less or more in every situation, so with it you can easily overclock very close to the CPU/GPU limits without any difficulty (providing the chip is not frequency locked) and also preserving the chip life expectancy considerably, on the other hand noise from the water block fans is almost inaudible or very low, heat relased is much less, and expelled directly out of the case from the fan grids, so the inside of the case is continuously kept as cool as possible; it’s all advantages and almost no maintenance since the pre-mounted kits come with the inside coolant and don’t need refill for almost the duration of the waterblock life.


Ok, thanks for the info!
I do have lots of fans for my air cooling I think it totals to 10.
There are 2 big fans on the CPU Cooler (Push/ Pull), 3 on the GPU, 3 big ones on the bottom of my case and a smaller one on top. Plus the big one from the PSU. My case is built so that the back of the mobo is pointing upwards and the GPU Card is not stopping the air flow as much.
It works good, but you can definitely hear it. But well, as an old IT Person, the humming almost gives me a reassuring and almost calming atmosphere ;-).


I had a 980ti and I like flight simulators. I have already preorder a 2080ti oc. I have a 3440x1440 monitor and I need more gpu power for my DCS, xplane and prepar3d. I know that it’s expensive but I needed more performance. And, of course, for my pimax 5k.


DCS and X Plane are the real beasts. Probably the most demanding simulators available. Somehow I doubt even the 2080Ti can make them fully smooth. Especially in high resolution. Maybe if Nvlink supports VR and we use dual 2080Ti…

But then again, Xplane is a lot about the CPU as well. RAM, timings, optimal settings in BIOS. Its crazy. Really hope the upcoming Vulkan support can help a little…


I haven’t looked at the CPU closely for those two, for others I have - it is really annoying that many “engines” out there have no clue about really using threading and parallel computing - so much CPU Time just laying around and sleeping. I know its not an easy task especially in games - but it is a must.
I really think that we have to see an investment made into more parallel computing on the CPU and GPU on the software side, so we can use the resources we have today, it won’t hurt even if the development comes up with optical computing and more speed in a couple of years.


Indeed, single core game engines are limiting the possibilities for these simulators. If X-Plane 11 could have used 4 cores for the rendering, we could play it in 4K VR resolution on a 1080Ti.

I know Aerofly FS2 is a much simplified simulator, or almost a game more than a simulator as it lacks proper physics, live traffic, worldwide scenery with actual “moving” things etc, but hey look at the game engine rendering. Fully smooth on todays hardware, and looks even better than X Plane 11. Is Aerofly FS2 multi-threaded?


Hi SweViver.
Thankyou very much for your effort testing PiMax headset.
I’m a big fan of IL-2 Stutmovik and thats why I backed for PiMax 8Kx
Does it run well?
Tx un advance and sorry for my poor english.


Without going into details, IL-2 runs great, better than many other sims :slight_smile:

Thanks man, I appreciate it!


I dont post much but wanted to thank SweViver as well for all of his time and effort…!! Tkx brother!


Thankyou very much SweViver.
Enough details for me :smile:.


Yes, problem is that software is based on the old engine which is just tweaked true the years. So that is why one core and some other new technology is not supported like for example SLI/CF in DCS.
So even is NVlink is supporting VR if it is not implemented in DCS than it is useless for DCS usage.

For proper implementation, DCS will need the new engine from scratch and that will not happen.


It’s been a long term project at Eagle Dynamics to port DCS over to Vulkan and use multi threading to improve the performance. Apparently they’re really getting there now. It’s discussed in the Eagle Dynamics forum.


Yeah the Vulkan implementation is really something I hope for :slight_smile: They say not before 2019 right?


I want a Tie Fighter remake in VR. If Elite could do it, bring on Star Wars flight sims.


License is with EA. No?


I really hope brainwarp will help a lot but Pimax team is very silent about that feature since kick end looks like they dont even care at the moment.