How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


Yeah 2019, although they’ve done a lot there’s still a bit to go.


Ah, that means there is quite a good chance it will have the Vulkan support when the 8K arrives ! Cool… :laughing:


Talking about CPU heavy sims, I wonder if Intel’s reason to drop Hyper threading and boost single core speeds in some of their next CPU lineup like the i7 9700K 8 core 8 thread cpu is the future for games.

Hyper-threaded tasks are being replaced more and more by GPU compute these days so I can understand that Intel are now testing the waters with non hyper-threaded CPU’s that run blazing fast. Maybe pressure from AMD with a 32/64 thread CPU at half the cost of Intel’s offering.

Good news for you sim guys though yes?

Edit: NVidia says Hyper-threading is a security risk.


not the case. Hyper Threading works well when you have tasks on same data or other reasons why cache misses won’t happen. It can be beneficial to have the GPU driver to run on same cores as the part of the game engine making the draw calls batching for the GPUs (drivers) for instance. The read/write to main memory never got faster really and in that waiting time the core is stalled or works on threads he can use cached data for.
The problem with today’s software developers is they just gave up on scheduling and managing the core usage and leave it all to the OS, which obviously fails as soon as the hyper threading is not working on same problems e.g. same data as the main threads. But the basic principle that for a little extra in the core you can gain relevant performance remains and can benefit from lager caches a lot.
That is a completely different scenario compared to when there is super large chunks of repetitive work that can be better dealt with on a GPU even when the data copy to the GPU takes some time.


That was an interesting read. Thanks.

I do not quite fully understand. If you are spreading work across threads then you are multi-threaded I get that and if you are spreading the same process across cores then that is parallel processing. But can’t the GPU work just like the CPU for multi-threading too? Or is it only beneficial for parallel processing? Ignoring the instruction set here.

Edit: Never mind, think I got there. As I was omitting Hyper-threading when thinking about this.


I just received my rtx 2080. :grin:


Just received my founders ed 2080 std just couldn’t manage the ti!!


Cool Stuff!! Enjoy!!
Can’t wait for the availability of the 2080TI. I will lose a kidney and other minor organs but will go for the 2080TI ( near the arrival of the 8K).


Damn it’s a huge card!


Just FYI I have the EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrid and LOOOVE it. It’s one of the best cards I have ever owned. The 2080ti equivalent will be killer, I am sure.


Bring on the zotac mini!


Meh. It is a minitower… :wink:


legit has a 2080 in a checkout 5-6 times today. had a mining 1080 ti in basket on ebay yesterday. its fucking 8k 5k all the way down.

im going to try and restrain myself and see how the 8k performs with my 1070 at the time i get it before i make a move.


2 words… Foveated rendering :slight_smile:


Be careful buying pascal series if you’re going to want to use foveated rendering in the future. Afaik they don’t have support for variable rate shading.


I’m waiting for the AIO cards to come out. I like to vent my heat directly out of the case instead of directly onto my SSD & MB.


Any specific Modell? Took a look at the iChill but I have no idea if it’s good. I saw a list of All 2080TI Modells somewhere ( have the link at home) and it was an air cooled version that went up to 1800mhz …


I hope you wouldn’t mind doing a suite of VR benchmarks for us lol


i did pre order the msi rtx 2080ti trio, just because i love the frameezz


I received my Gainward GeForce RTX 2080 Phoenix a few minutes ago!
Bye bye, my old 980Ti!

…so I only have to wait to say good bye to my Vive Pro :smiley: