How many of you pre-ordered RTX 2080 or 2080Ti?


I currently have a Gigabyte/Aorus Waterforce 1080 Ti that I’m pretty happy with, but I’m content to wait for decent review (make sure they use quality components, cooling is effective, etc). Not familiar with the Inno3D brand, but I’d be willing to give them a shot once they’ve been analyzed be some respectable reviewers.


Can someone please tell me the difference among the different brands of 2080 ti?

Is the difference just the fans on top?

Does it matter which one I would buy if u get a water cooling system on it to replace the fans?

I am interested in maximum overclocking of the 2080 ti.

What would you suggest for that?


Generally they have the reference design & bios. Other manufacturers might change pcb layout from refetence & tweak the bios for higher clocks.


Maybe. If possible, you’d want to ensure that the board provide uses high quality components (e.g. VRM, PCB, etc). My gut tells me that Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte would all use decent components for their cards (I’d avoid the single fan modules without seeing a complete tear-down first as these are budget products and more likely to use inferior components).

I’m personally looking forward to detailed reviews of the partner cards and subsequent “2080 Ti Roundup” articles.


Can you suggest please a site/where we can find a comparison of all the cards with suggestion of what should be the best card for overclocking ?


There are none at present.

But below are the sites I read: (used to be much better, but still decent) (historically more geeky and likely to include analysis of components) (hit or miss) (hit or miss) (not as technical) (not as technical) (not as technical) (While I like their analysis, I hate their site and instead listen to their Youtube videos at 1.5x speed)

Common problems with all of these sites is their “news” sections. They basically publish media release info with little or no expert analysis. I try to ignore these articles (but sometimes I let myself get baited).


Thank you so much!

Would you give me your personal opinion in a few weeks when they test them all?

I would value more your opinion based on reading all their reviews and balance them based on your knowledge, that me reading their reviews and taking for granted their single reviews


Sure thing. I’ll be reading the articles as they come in anyway. Might as well contribute!


Thanks! I truly appreciate that!
I am completely ignorant on the matter and I really would appreciate your advice !


Are the tester @SweViver @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV getting this wonders (RTX 2080 or 2080 ti) than can share results with Pimax 8K and 5K+ please ???


@SweViver is. Not sure about the others.


Nothing available just yet, but to echo kw23, GamersNexus on youtube is really the best option. Steve Burke is a super thorough guy and in my eyes the best consumer advocate in his industry bar none.


Pre-order shipments for 2080Ti are delayed until next week, so I will get mine then! :slight_smile:


Martin, hopefully you’re not getting tired of hearing it- but thank you so much for continuing to turn out this content. I hope you are still able to manage a comfortable life balance with all this effort.

Take good care.


I ordered that MSI card the other day - fjortonfeckingtusenspänn (1600usd :tired_face:). From
And as you, I also have the 8700k so I hope to snag your settings, tweaks and tips in upcoming awesome PeeViver :kissing_heart: content (like you shared the power settings in the 1070 laptop video).


Although I will be waiting for reviews of the Pimax HMDs with the 2080Ti I have made the tentative decision that I will need to upgrade from my 1070 and it only makes sense to bite the bullet and go all the way to a 2080Ti. The Blueroom VRmark has this as a 160% improvement in fps. UserBenchmark shows the overall performance increase at 111%. That kind of change should help. Now just a matter of which brand and level.


First review I’ve seen with multiple third party 2080 Ti and FE cards. The Duke looks promising for water cooling (there’s a more expensive card, but it’s only a little faster and the only difference seems to be the size of the cooler which you’d just throw out anyway).


Haha yeah same as I paid, and I also pre-ordered from Komplett :slight_smile: 14200kr… quite crazy!


There is a GPU Database, showing some of the specs they seem to aim at (no idea where the data comes from)

interesting is that there are some way OC’ed versions like the

Edit: the link points to a specific GPU, but just scroll down to see the whole list of 2080TI’s and there aimed specs.


The RTX 2080Ti iChill Black Hybrid, water cooled looks like a nice card.